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Can you spoil your baby?

It used to be believed that you were teaching a baby to cry more if you picked them up when they cried, thinking that that baby will learn to cry to get attention. The opposite has been proven to be true. When you pick up a crying child, you are helping them to regulate (co-regulation) …Continue reading

6 Things that Cause Early Rising

Early Rising is one of the most frustrating parts of  Baby and Toddler Sleeping Issues.  You have put great effort into helping your child learn sleep skills and even though they are generally sleeping through the night, the early rising is slowly killing you. (I’m being just a little dramatic)   Early Rising is when the …Continue reading

Does sleep training really work? Answers from Mom’s who did the training…

This was the string on my sleep sisters Facebook page today… Jen Snell Farrell feeling curious 13 hrs · Scottsdale, AZ Has anyone on this site really has success with sleep training!?!? By using Tracy or books? Just curious because I don’t see a lot of success stories. Maybe that is because the sisters with …Continue reading

Is Cry It Out the Only Option? NO! You have gentle options!

There seems to be a lot of pressure on moms to have a quiet, sleeping through the night baby at a very young age. But in fact this is just not normal. It’s not about weight, or even weeks, it’s about developmental readiness and temperament. In and around the 4th month of age there is …Continue reading

Ready to transition out of the Swaddle?

This is a common question: Hi Tracy, you came and spoke at my breastfeeding support group last week and I had asked a question about when and how to transition from the swaddle. My daughter will be 14 weeks on Wednesday and loves sucking on her hands. I think she finds it soothing. She still …Continue reading

Is Cold Turkey Night Weaning the best option?

Is your baby waking at night because they are hungry?  That’s the first question.  The second question is, Does your baby need to eat at night? If your baby is under 6 months old, the answer is PROBABLY! Like the baby in this picture, she needs to eat at night. If your baby is under …Continue reading

DIY Wake up Lights-Instructions (Because Toddlers don’t Tell Time)

A Wake up Light is a special light or device to help your child know when it’s “ok” to get out of bed in the morning.  Toddler’s don’t tell time but they do understand “lights on” or “lights off”.  Lights on means it time to be awake.  Lights off means it’s time to sleep. You …Continue reading

Is your baby “Playing you”? And other crazy comments.

Parents get crazy advice. Have you ever been told that “Some babies just don’t sleep“? That’s so crazy! Babies desperately need sleep and may need special help learning sleep skills. I helped a family of 6 kids not sleeping and their doctor told their mom that her kids just don’t sleep. –As if it was natural …Continue reading

Is your toddler climbing out of the crib?

Is your toddler climbing out of the crib?  Are they losing sleep and up all nap/night with you bringing him/her back to bed? Are you thinking of transitioning to a bed instead?     Hold that thought!   The important question is, Is he/she still under 2.5 years old?  There is a level of cognitive …Continue reading

To bathe or not to bathe at bedtime, that is the question.

Do you give your little one a bath at bedtime? Or books? Songs and kisses? There was a small study done that showed that the children who got a bath 30 minutes before bed had an easier time going to bed.   But why?   Was it the consistancy of the regular routine? Did it …Continue reading

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