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Confessions of a Mom who coached her baby to sleep through the night.

Kelly says: “Confession: We got more sleep during sleep coaching. It’s true. Our sweet baby girl had become quite accustomed to her sleep crutches. We swaddled, pacified, rocked, swayed, jiggled, and shushed. She slept in the Rock n’ Play, and the Rock n’ Play alone. That it, if she let us put her down at […]

4 months old and sleep is falling apart?

Andrea Strang from KinderSleep described it perfectly.  She says, “This is a very exciting time in a baby’s life. The 4-month milestone marks on of the most pronounce developmental periods. Schedules, feeding and sleep often get off track at this time. The good news is that your baby is completely on track! This is an […]

Success story of a 6 month old

I wanted to send you a quick message about Fletcher’s progress since you started helping us in October. He is now successfully putting himself to sleep every night (within 0-5 minutes, with the odd exception here and there). He is also napping in his crib every day twice. He rarely has a nap under 35 […]

Early Rising Question for a 3 year old

Rachel asked: “Good morning, Tracy! I have another early riser question. My ds (dear son)  is 3 years old, does not nap, goes to sleep well at 7 and then gets up every morning between 4-5:30. Please help!!!” Quiet Nights Sleep Coaching Services said: It’s possible he is early rising because he still needs some day […]

Sleep trained 16 month old but still not perfect, what am I missing?

Great Question: Stephanie Nielsen asked: “Hi Tracy, I have a quick question! I have done sleep training with my 16 month old son since he was around 5 months old and he’s doing great. However, two weeks ago I had the flu and didn’t see him in the day like normal so he wouldn’t go […]

Early Rising – Please Help my 10 month old

Early Rising Question: Our biggest issue is the early rising. He’s up at 4:30am no matter what we do. We’ve tried putting him to bed earlier/later done dream feeds, cry it out.. He’s just an insanely early riser. He’s 10.5 months and usually naps 2 times, the first one can range from and hour to […]

How much sleep does my baby need?

I speak to the Breast Feeding support groups at Mercy Gilbert Hospital and Chandler Regional Hospital every couple of months. I love talking to these mom’s and dispelling the myths about sleep coaching and nursing.  A common question I get asked is how much sleep should my baby get?  Well it varies by age and […]