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Tracy Spackman | Infant & Toddler Sleep Coach

  • Terri Moore's babyI wanted to send you a quick message about Fletcher’s progress since you started helping us in October.
    He is now successfully putting himself to sleep every night (within 0-5 minutes, with the odd exception here and there). He is also napping in his crib every day twice. He rarely has a nap under 35 minutes now, has napped as long as 1h45 minutes…before it was rare that crib naps happened, or lasted more than 15 minutes.
    While he is still up a few times in the night, he settles easily and we have gotten into the routine of cosleeping the last few hours of the night. I think this helps because he is such a distracted nurser in the day, it’s good for him to have some good, uninterrupted nursing time.
    The trigger for this note was that yesterday he woke from a nap for the first time ever without screaming. I saw him on the monitor start to move…he began to talk quietly to himself. Then I heard a few giggles. I went in to get him, and he was up on his hands and knees with a huge grin on his face. It totally made my day. It could have been a one-off situation, but it was so very nice to see, and something I NEVER thought I would see.
    We are very grateful for your help. Your methods are by far the most gentle I have come across in talking to others who have done sleep training/used sleep consultants. It made a big difference to me to feel like you are more concerned with his wellbeing than just making him sleep longer, if that makes sense. We appreciate you very much
    Thank you!
    Terri and Fletcher Moore
    I love getting emails like this!