Get Quiet Nights

Tracy Spackman | Infant & Toddler Sleep Coach

Rachel asked:
“Good morning, Tracy! I have another early riser question. My ds (dear son)  is 3 years old, does not nap, goes to sleep well at 7 and then gets up every morning between 4-5:30. Please help!!!”
  • It’s possible he is early rising because he still needs some day sleep. Try offering a ‘rest time’ daily and he can hang out on his bed with a book or a toy and either rest or sleep. Sometimes he may play or sometimes he may sleep. 1 pm is a good time. Watch his body language to see if there is a slowing down time. That will be the best time. Also, be consistent about how you respond to the early waking. That’s where you could use a sleep plan method like the sleep lady shuffle to encourage back to sleep. 
    A wake-up light may help too. One that doesn’t light up at night. A low watt lamp on an appliance timer like the one you use for Christmas lights works great. Not so bright it wakes him but is a signal he understands if he wakes up.
    Reinforce the sleep manners you expect with a consistent response, like bringing him back to bed or the sleep lady shuffle.
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