2-5 Year Success

2 year-old; Anonymous

Hi Tracy! Thank you again for coming out to speak at our MOMS Club meeting. This was my second time hearing you and gave me the confidence to make a change. I’ve been rocking my 2 year old since birth. After nursing her I would rock her to sleep till a week ago. I started putting her to bed without rocking and three days later it’s worked!! It was so hard to hear her cry and wanted to keep going into her room and just rock her to sleep! First day (night time) took almost an hour before she stopped crying, second day (nap time) 10 minutes and third day (night time) 3 minutes!!! OMG, is what I told my husband and said “it was this easy?!” I know it wasn’t, but couldn’t believe after three days I just go put her down and say nap time or night, night and she responds back with the same thing. A slight difference, at night I lay her down, say our prayers, sing twinkle twinkle, love you and good night. I do have to admit, I miss rocking her to sleep! Thank you again for your insight, suggestions and input!! “

2.5 year-old boy; Kelly Crawford – Dec 26,2017

My kiddo! I hate how long we struggled and he suffered. It was extremely enlarged adenoids and a posterior tongue tie. I worried about the surgeries being unnecessary but each improved his quality of life drastically and immediately. He was speech and feeding delayed. He loved food but spit almost everything out. Tracy Spackman recognized his signs of apnea and his adenoids were removed just after his 1st birthday and opening his airway 75% helped so much and Debbie Benefiel Gillespie pointed out the possibility of a tongue tie when he was 2.5yrs and we had it released soon after. He has his life back. He can speak and eat and doesn’t depend on formula to keep him sane and healthy. He spent his life sleep deprived, hungry, and misunderstood just trapped in his mind and miserable body and now he is well rested, well fed, and understood and included in conversation. It’s taking time to learn emotional regulation in occupational therapy since these are the first times he’s faced stressors that don’t seem catastrophic  from hunger and so on. But after more than a year of stagnation as soon as his tongue tie was released he’s been flying through speech and feeding therapy progressing rapidly. He is so much happier.
There is nothing to lose from investigating this possibility and everything to gain. If you rule out medical issues Tracy Spackman is the best and can help guide you to support her sleep needs based on her developmental needs, she only advises gentle and evidence based sleep support for children. Her business is Get Quiet Nights.

4.5 year-old; Hera and Robert D.

Our 4 ½ year old has never been a good sleeper. She had a hard time falling asleep, she would wake up throughout the night, cry, and wanted to sleep in our bed. To complicate things she also has a serious medical condition. When we brought home her new sister we knew we needed help. It took time and patience, but Tracy assured us if we followed the plan, our daughter would eventually sleep throughout the night in her own bed. Tracy created a plan that was easy to follow and worked for our daughter. Tracy was always accessible and responded quickly to our questions. Now, our daughter not only sleeps throughout the night in her own bed, but she is more rested and happy throughout the day just like her parents.