Multiple Children Success

Six kids not sleeping – 15 months – 13 years-old; Raeval Seitz Evans -Feb 9, 2013

Sleep coaching has been going amazing. Luke was down by 6:30 pm and the girls asleep by 7:00 pm. We decided to try going out for a date again last night. And guess what, the kids slept right through it. We got home at 12 pm to find all the kids still in bed. Luke stayed sleeping until 5:50 am. And the girls were up at 7:00 am. No middle of the night wake ups at all. I came home and went right to sleep. The best nights sleep I have had in a long time. Nap training hasn’t been going as well, my older kids keep interrupting it and it makes it difficult to put him down. But he has had at least one nap today, so we are still doing pretty good.  Naps are still a work in progress and looking forward to futures successes.

Update:  Raeval Seitz Evans, Feb 13, 2013

I am amazed at how much better my kids are doing. They all seem much happier and have more energy. All 6 of my kids are all in bed on time and usually asleep with 5 – 10 minutes of laying down. I had a great first day for nap training Luke and then a few bad days and so I thought it was over with. But we have had 2 days where he has had 2 naps a day. I lay him down and he is out with minutes and then he is still going to bed really good. We are still dealing with early wake-ups, but he has been falling asleep within minutes then too, so I am hopeful if I stay consistent and don’t give in, that we can overcome that obstacle too. I am finally get some real sleep. It is still interrupted some nights, but it is by far way better than it has ever been. I am so amazed at this program and how easily it works. Thank you Tracy for changing my life.

Update: Raeval Seitz Evans, Feb 17, 2013

Tracy Spackman has done an amazing job helping me to get all 6 of my kids sleeping. Tracy living in Arizona and me in Calgary did not cause any issues with her helping me to train my kids to sleep.

Update: Raeval Seitz Evans, April 12, 2013

I just wanted to give a quick update. I broke my ankle just over a week ago and so I have been unable to take care of my kids as I am stuck in bed for the next 6 weeks. I have had many friends watching my kids during the day for me so I can rest and heal. The greatest news I heard was from a dear friend who said it was like watching completely different kids. She had watched my younger children several months ago, before the sleep coaching. She said they had been grouchy, unhappy, energized kids. However, this time she said they were happy healthy kids who enjoyed playing together. She was shocked how much they had changed and it is all because of Tracy and her sleep coaching. Even though my husband is now in charge of putting them all to bed, all 6 of them are still sleeping straight through the night. It would be much more difficult for my husband if he was stuck having to get up several times throughout the night to deal with all the kids as well as take care of their daily needs. Thanks so much again Tracy, your help has really made all the difference in our lives.

10 months and 2 years-old; Chuck and Renee Jedlicka

In February I felt like I was losing my mind, My two son’s (Thorin 2 & Oaken 10 months) were not sleeping through the night and I was dreading going to bed every night. A friend recommended Tracy Spackman and we got started right away. It took a few weeks but the effort has been well worth it. Oaken who will be 1 tomorrow is sleeping through the night consistently and is taking 2 naps at the same time everyday. Thorin has been a tougher case but we finally have him sleeping through the night. I would recommend to anyone to start with Tracy sooner than later  I feel like I have my life and my sanity back. It is amazing how much better I feel after having a full nights sleep and now my husband and I can enjoy our quiet evenings. Thanks Tracy!

5 month girl; 2 year-old boy; Runa

When my daughter was about 5 months old she stopped sleeping. She had been an excellent sleeper up until then and I was baffled. I had been diligent about trying to let her put herself to sleep and was determined to have at least one good sleeper as my son was not!. After about a month of nobody sleeping, I called Tracy in tears and begged for her help. I had found her through The Sleep Lady website when I was at my wits end and Kim West’s methods were my favorite and I had read EVERY sleep book when my son was an infant. Tracy is truly an angel. She talked me through my tears, talked to my husband, and we arranged for some sleep nudging to begin. Tracy talked to my husband and I for about 2 hours and we made a plan. She was very specific with her directions and explained everything thoroughly. I followed her instructions and we began the following night. Within 3 nights my daughter was falling asleep within 5-10 minutes and was sleeping 12 hours straight. Tracy and I talked each morning. I believe she truly has a gift as she listened to what I did during the night and knew just what to do/how to adjust things and support me so that my daughter would sleep. It really helped me get through some of the tears knowing that I had a professional to talk to in the morning who would tell me what I did right and what to change. Now when we fall out of our routine, I know what to do to get my daughter back to sleeping all night. It is the most wonderful thing in the world to wake up to the sounds of a happy well-rested child. My son never got enough sleep and therefore never woke up happy and I wish we would have contacted Tracy back when he was 6 months old; the difference is worth every penny!!
Tracy also helped us with my son. He was a much tougher case because he was older and we (my husband and I) made the decision to transition him out of his crib into a bed and move his sister into his room all at once. Poor guy. Tracy was again so flexible and great at tailoring a sleep plan for our family’s needs and situation. While he is definitely not perfect, he is finally able to really put himself to sleep and sleep all night in his bed most nights. Any flaws in his sleeping are because we didn’t follow Tracy’s advice 100%, but the bottom line is how he is sleeping now works for us and we are all getting sleep. I seriously wish we would have invested the money with Tracy when my son was younger. I would have been a much happier momma and he would have been a much happier little guy and I know he would be a much better sleeper now.
Thank you Tracy for everything. I constantly sing your praises to all my friends and you gave my family back some much needed sleep!
xoxo, Runa