Look for scenarios that match your sleep situation and hopefully you will see the light at the end of the tunnel!  You can post your success story in the comments at the end.

4-6 Months

4.5 month-old boy; Brooke Wilson

Colin is like a new person! Since using Tracy Spackman we have had nothing but success! He wakes up happy after sleeping through the night and goes to sleep within minutes of putting him down. We are so thankful for your help.

5 month-old boy; Melissa Sutherland  

Tracy, THANK YOU for a wonderful workshop! You gave us tools and tips for creating the environment and addressing our children’s needs. For the first time in his life, Matthew (now almost 6 months) slept 5.5 hours straight (12-5:30am!) last night and soothed himself back to sleep twice earlier on in the night. It’s a miracle (coming from waking up every 1-3 hours since he was born). We will definitely be keeping consistency and continuing to work on our sleep plan!

5 month-old boy; Tiffany Grimm – April 3, 2018

There is no hesitation when I say, Tracy Spackman changed our lives.
Our baby, Tre, is an incredible little guy, even though he was waking up 3, 4, sometimes 5 times a night his first five months of life. He struggled with gas problems at night, he loved to snuggle with me in bed, and he reveled in nursing…ALL NIGHT LONG. And I couldn’t resist. After all, he’s my baby, my sweet tender heart, my everything. And it was worth it. I wouldn’t have done it any differently, honestly, But the sacrifice was immense and by the time he reached five months, I knew something had to change. He was sleeping in our room, and in our bed. And my fiancé, although he wanted to help, despised the white noise machine and slept with earplugs.
I am a full time working mama – and the sleep deprivation was excruciating on my body, my brain, and our relationship. I could barely stay afloat in meetings, was falling asleep at work in the afternoons and my evenings were inundated with the stress of wondering how long Tre would stay asleep. I didn’t know how much it impacted every decision I made. I couldn’t establish any kind of nighttime routine because I knew he’d be waking up every two hours or less! My energy was suffering, and my beloved fiancé was too as a result of my lack of embodiment of my sexual, primal, sovereign self. I felt drained, depleted, frustrated and completely unsexy.
Enter… Tracy. I had done extensive research on numerous sleep coaches. And it came down to our 15-minute consultation where she thoroughly impressed me with her genuine presence and knowledge about Tre. Her philosophy around sleep, her education in infant brain development, her gentle and kind approach, and her rocking testimonials were enough to convince me that she was indeed, our sleep doctor! She met with Aaron and me for almost two hours and we walked away with solid trust in her and a concrete sleep plan for Tre, which we would implement that night!
I was shocked. The first night, Tre only woke up once. And the next day, I went for my first hike in over a year because I had so much energy! I slept in his room for 9 nights straight to gracefully transition him from our room to his own room and crib. The nights following, we followed Tracy’s gentle sleep coaching plan and it undoubtedly worked wonders. Tre was sleeping through the night by the end of those nine days, with a couple of dream feeds and a few shushes from the doorway. Tracy was there every step of the way, answering my daily questions with such grace and ensuring I felt confident in our approach.
Now, the thing is, Tre was already a happy baby, even with broken sleep. But when he started getting 12 hours of sleep, it was like he lit up from the inside. Elated to wake up and see our faces, longing for my breast in the morning (when formerly he wouldn’t have a good morning feed since he’d eaten through the night!). Because of my background in science and human performance, I knew that good sleep was essential for his brain – memory, mood, cognitive development and so on – and it made my heart happy knowing that he was getting all the good stuff a baby needs to thrive.
Shortly after he started adapting his new sleep routine, he got sick. Ahhhh, the motto of all mamas…just when you think you’ve figured it out, something changes! So, he was up again a couple of times a night. But with a short follow-up phone conversation with Tracy, she helped guide us through his 5-week sick period (yes, five weeks!) and make sure we nurture him back to health before coaching him again. We felt completely supported by Tracy and her tips ALWAYS worked. Although he kept getting sick, we were still able to maintain a steady system and help him keep his sleep marathon up!
I can’t sing enough praises for Tracy. Without her, I would be a mess, and literally have to quit my job (or get fired as a result of non-production!). We will be depending on her in the future as Tre hits new milestones… crawling, pulling up, standing, and likely dancing in his crib! Tracy is truly knowledgeable and educated on the nuances of child development and stages of brain development in infants. She has always impressed me with her ability to deliver complex information very simply and concisely. She is compassionate and loyal to her clients. And she is a badass entrepreneur who knows her stuff.
So, rest assured (pun intended), if you’re feeling completely exhausted and hopeless with your newborn’s sleep, there is always a solution. Fortunately for us, Tracy and her customized program for Tre, was our solution. But we had to let go – let go of what we knew, what we thought we knew, everything we had heard until that point and completely trust Tracy. We are so glad we did. I always suggest to my sleep-deprived colleagues to simply schedule a free 15-minute phone consult with Tracy just to talk about their situation and see if it’s the right fit. But feel confident to say, that after you speak with her, the rest will be history and you’ll be well on your way to sleeping too!
Thank you, Tracy. We will always think and speak of you with praise and respect.
Tiffany, Aaron and Tre

5 month-old; Shannon

My husband and I are first time parents and just had to write a review of Tracy’s services. We were so happy with our experience that we wanted to share it with others. We had read many books out there, but they all seemed to contradict each other and were very general in nature.
We first hired Tracy when our baby daughter was waking every hour or two at night and we would spend our entire evening trying to get her to bed. We had to put her in her crib asleep, and many times she would wake up the second we put her in and we would start all over again. To put it simply, we were exhausted, extremely stressed out and felt hopeless that we would ever sleep again! We heard about Tracy’s company through a family friend and decided to give it a try.
We immediately felt relief as Tracy carefully walked us through her personalized sleep plan during our initial phone consultation. Her instructions were clear and she patiently answered the many questions we had. The next night we started the sleep plan and within three nights, our daughter was consistently sleeping 12 hours through the night without a peep! There were still feedings needed, but since they were dream feeds there was no crying involved and she would fall back asleep right after the feeding so my husband and I could go right back to enjoying our night together. We were completely astonished at how quickly the plan worked. Our daughter was like a new baby – happy and active in the day instead of overtired and constantly fussy. With each day of carrying out the sleep plan I had questions for Tracy, and she would email me within minutes with straightforward answers. She explained the reasoning behind all of her strategies so that I understood why I was doing what I was doing. Now I have a much clearer understanding of baby sleep and this is something that I can carry with me when we have more children in the future. I view this sleep training as an investment because the general concepts can be used with any child. And I’m sure every baby will pose a different set of sleep challenges but I know Tracy will always be available for phone or email consults to personalize the plan to another child.
We cannot thank Tracy enough for her help in getting our daughter to sleep well. It is clear that she is very passionate about what she does and genuinely wants to help parents get through their sleep issues. We feel like new people who can now take part in all the joys of parenthood without being constantly stressed out and overtired. Thank you Tracy for everything you have done for us – we are forever grateful!!
Shannon update
We are SO happy with the sleep plan you gave us and want to thank you for all your help. You have been very patient with my many questions and always get back to me quickly. You have made a HUGE difference in our lives and we really appreciate all of your support. Thanks again Tracy.

6 month-old; Sarah

Thank you for allowing us to connect with the wonderful Tracy Spackman! WOW what a difference I’ve seen, and it’s only been a couple nights!
After 6 months of co-sleeping I was ready to have a good night’s sleep (without having to constantly re-latch my one year old so the HE could get a good night’s sleep!). However I was terrified of what sleep training my do to my sweet little one!
Tracy has given me the tools to GENTLY teach my baby how to sleep independently, and the framework allows me to move at my own pace. Our consultation was very comprehensive, and best of all, the many ideas she gave me actually work! I see a great little sleeper and two well-rested parents in the very near future, thanks to Tracy!!

4.5 month old boy

My husband and I called Tracy after our 4.5 month old son hit the dreaded 4-month sleep regression and was waking up every 2-3 hours during the night. We were desperate! I can honestly say that I’ve never spent a better dollar than on hiring Tracy to help us turn things around. Tracy analyzes your child’s individual patterns and routines, looks at your family needs and sleeping arrangements, and tailors a plan for helping you meet your sleep needs. She is clear and informative and gives parents the confidence to make necessary changes that benefit the entire family, especially the child! Her methods are very gentle and effective. Tracy walked us through exactly what changes to make to our baby’s sleep environment and exactly how to remove his sleep crutches and teach him to sleep on his own. She relieved us of the decision fatigue of trying to troubleshoot on our own and gave us the confidence to do what we all desperately needed done. I’m happy to report that everyone in our household is 1000 times better rested and happier and we cannot be more grateful. We can’t recommend her highly enough!

5 month-old; Abby Scott – May 2017

My husband and I called Tracy after our 4.5 month old son hit the dreaded 4-month sleep regression and was waking up every 2-3 hours during the night. We were desperate! I can honestly say that I’ve never spent a better dollar than on hiring Tracy to help us turn things around. Tracy analyzes your child’s individual patterns and routines, looks at your family needs and sleeping arrangements, and tailors a plan for helping you meet your sleep needs. She is clear and informative and gives parents the confidence to make necessary changes that benefit the entire family, especially the child! Her methods are very gentle and effective. Tracy walked us through exactly what changes to make to our baby’s sleep environment and exactly how to remove his sleep crutches and teach him to sleep on his own. She relieved us of the decision fatigue of trying to troubleshoot on our own and gave us the confidence to do what we all desperately needed done. I’m happy to report that everyone in our household is 1000 times better rested and happier and we cannot be more grateful. We can’t recommend her highly enough!

6 month-old boy; Kiran D’Mello   

Tracy, thank you so very much! We had been having problems with our 6 month old son waking up 4-6 times a night! We would be in his room the whole night. I took a friend’s advice, and gave Tracy a call. It has been about a week from when we started the sleep training, and the change has been DRAMATIC!!
Thank you for helping us all get some deserved sleep. Our son’s behavior has been like night and day as well! He is much more happier, now that he is getting enough rest. I also really appreciated the warm approach to her methods, not making me feel like I was neglecting my child, but helping him relax.
I DEFINITELY recommend this service!
Thanks for the good night sleep Tracy!!!

6 month-old boy; Angel Pavlou Costa

Hi my name’s Angel Pavlou Costa & I feel like a miracle happened last night. My 6 month old son has had A lot of sleep problems since birth. The major problem was that he was constantly waking up through the night like every hour or 2 but when it got to every half hour I couldn’t handle it any more!! I was beyond exhaustion, had many types of pains & was falling apart! So a friend of mine told me about Tracy Spackman & how her baby had had similar problems as mine & after 5 nights he was sleeping 11 hours straight! Sounded like a dream come true…right! So I contacted her & I’m not gonna lie but the first night was hard for us b/c my baby had 3 big crying freak attacks. It was hard but we got through it. So I was expecting it to take a while to get him there. On the 2nd night I was paranoid about how many crying fits I would have to endure…but guess what?? He slept through the night. From 7:30 pm – 7 am & only whined for like a minute or 2 once! WOW I would have NEVER believed it if I hadn’t experienced it myself! I just can’t believe it happened that fast!!! Contacting Tracy for her help was one of the best things I have ever done in my life! Just wish I had known about it sooner!!! Thank You Tracy from the bottom of my heart!! Words can’t even come close to express how much you’ve helped me & how much it means to me!!

4.5 month-old boy; Ellie Edwards-Matheson  

Our 4.5 month old was a very happy child even though he NEVER napped and did not sleep through the night. After 2 weeks of working with and listening o everything Tracy said, our little guy now naps regularly. We cannot believe the difference in his personality! We thought he was happy before…. Wow! He is now nutty and awesome!! Still working on sleeping through the night but we will be there soon!
Thank you Tracy!!!

6 month-old

Thank you, Tracy!
My daughter is a 6 month old, especially alert baby. My wife and I had been struggling to get her to sleep without nursing, which became very problematic when my wife began working nights. A normal night trying to put my daughter to bed involved anywhere from 45 minutes to 1.5 hours of high-intensity screaming, leaving me at my wits end. We attended Tracy’s class at my wife’s behest…I was skeptical and pessimistic. That was two weeks ago. I have put my daughter to bed every night this week and it has taken no longer than 20 minutes on any night! She is crying less and with far less intensity. Plus, she is beginning to sleep for longer stretches of time. I genuinely believed gentle sleep coaching methods would be of no use with my daughter, but I am so grateful that I was wrong! I would highly recommend Tracy’s class to anyone struggling with putting their baby to bed. Thank you!
[…] achievements but if she were to choose, her greatest would be her reputation as shown in the spontaneous testimonials that show up in social media groups. Her reputation has advanced and spread without her doing much […]


I thought this was going to be an absolute nightmare but, knock on wood, so far so good. Thanks for the many, many chats and all the support. I love knowing that there is someone at the other end of the phone who gets what I am going through and has some “tricks” up her sleeve to solve our sleep issues!

5 month-old boy; Anonymous

We started working with Tracy when my little guy was 5 months old and waking up every two hours and being nursed to sleep each time. I’m a first time Mom and didn’t know any differently. I talked to Tracy before purchasing our plan and could immediately tell how genuine of a person she is and how much she cares about the overall health of babies and children. It wasn’t just about getting him to sleep…it was about creating an environment that he felt safe and relaxed in. She didn’t pressure me to drop night feeds and there isn’t a hint of cry it out in her plan. We saw results within 4 nights and now my husband and I have a plan that we can count on…we also get some time to ourselves! Tracy has been helpful every step of the way and I always felt sooooo supported by her, never judged. It will be the best money you ever spent.

Julie Morris

“Tracy, we have had a week of Pierce sleeping 11 hours each night. He is waking up happy every morning and going down happy each night! It has been wonderful for all of us to get full nights sleep again! Thank you for your help and support as we navigated through sleep training…again!!!
I’m really happy. And I always learn so much from you … Even beyond sleep training! I couldn’t be happier with the awesome service you provide!”

7-9 Months

9 month-old boy; Susan Taylor   

If I was even a skeptic for a moment I’m not anymore!!!We started sleep training Zander who is 9 months old on Thursday and already we are seeing HUGE results!!! 1st night it took him 2 hrs to fall asleep and was awake 5 times. 2nd night 30 mins to fall asleep and awake twice! 3rd night 15mins to fall asleep and awake twice. He is in bed for 12 hrs solid and we are already SO close to him sleeping the night and NOT needing any milk at 3a.m like he usually does. We are actually working on naps at the same time and seeing huge improvements already as well. I am VERY optimistic that each day will be better and that I can actually have a life back and not be a caffeine junky just to function through the day!!!! Thank you Tracy for the best advice we ever got on sleep!!!
My Zander update…..the fact that I am on the computer right now and stress free is because of the amazing advice we were given by Tracy!!! We are at the point now where we do our bedtime routine, say goodnight and WALK away to enjoy the rest of our evening. We don’t see Zander till around 7:15 the next morning. The freedom this has given me is PRICELESS! Also our naps now have huge success as well. That did take a lot more time and patience but it finally worked. The key for us was actually tin foil! We couldn’t get his room quite dark enough but the second the tin foil covered that window the naps were a breeze! YEAH! I finally sleep at night after 9 months!!!


I am so grateful to have found Tracy. This was an answer to my prayers. I wanted to help my baby sleep better but didn’t want to give up nursing at night and I didn’t think it was possible. I also didn’t want to leave my baby to cry all alone to learn to self sooth like all the books recommend. I love the hands on gentle sleep coaching. I loved that I was able to continue to feel the connection with my baby through continuing to nurse her at night. And I love love love that we all get a whole lot more sleep then before we found Tracy. Thank you! Best decision.

8 month-old boy; Dee Mosburger  

We have been sleep training our almost 8 month old son now since Monday, & we had an “off night” on Wednesday ( my fault) & he slept 12 hours straight last night!!!
He used to wake every hour EVERY night!!
Thanks to Tracy Spackman, our LO is sleeping SO much better! even napping better … If you are having troubles with your LO sleeping at night, I recommend sleep training with Tracy 110%! THANK YOU!

8 month-old; Anonymous

Tracy Spackman’s help has meant so much to me! She was able to teach me how to help my 8 month old fall asleep on his own which has translated into longer stretches at night and longer naps. All of this while still being responsive to my baby’s emotional and physical needs and continuing to provide night feeds (my choice). I can’t recommend her enough! The stress that we all, including baby, felt around sleep is practically non-existent now.

Edna Wedna (not her real name but her facebook name, lol)

After a grueling first night I had my doubts. But I kept my faith and we are seeing dramatic progress! You are an angel sent from heaven! Bless you and your amazing powers!
Update Edna Wedna
Hallelujah!! Our babe slept through the night! I can’t believe it! I thought we were beyond help. THANK YOU!!!!!

7 month-old girl; Keeley Bruner – April 2017  

So y’all. I love co-sleeping. I know that can be a contentious topic among parents these days, but I will say that many of the nights since Kathryn was born have been spent with the two of us next to each other, mainly with her nursing. And although this has a certain sweetness, we began to get to the point where we were sleeping better apart. The problem was that she was still waking frequently, and I was facing difficulty in knowing how to respond. Even having been through it before with Julia, I was frustrated and befuddled as to how to get this child to sleep more consistently. I consider myself a moderately intelligent individual, but I was dumbfounded as to how to tap this undiscovered potential within my darling baby. Enter Tracy Spackman, of Quiet Nights “gentle” Sleep Coaching. Within a week of attending her workshop and beginning a sleep plan, Kathryn was going down in 5-10 minutes with no nursing, and sleeping 11 hours with minimal fussing. If you’d have told me this would be the case a couple weeks ago, I would have wept tears of incredulous joy. Many, many, many thanks to Tracy for giving Kathryn and me this gift! I can’t recommend her enough–if this sounds exciting to you and you’re local to the Valley, please check her out on Facebook and consider attending her next workshop on April 29th. You won’t regret it. Also many thanks to Lauren for telling me about Tracy in the first place!   

9 month-old boy; Nicole Hamic – Jan 6, 2018

I won’t lie… I was super skeptical of the idea of ANY sort of sleep coaching/training for Ellis. After all, he’s not a dog to train, he’s a baby. But 4 months of wakeups every hour at night, a fight to go to sleep every night and we were both not so happy and I knew I was doing something wrong. Well, I talked with Tracy Spackman at Get Quiet Nights and she assured me that I could continue to breastfeed at night and even continue to co-sleep if I wanted but could still get both of us more sleep with less struggle. It sounded too good to be true. BUT, we are about 10 days in and Ellis went to sleep in 7 minutes without falling asleep at the breast, no crying, no nada and the last two nights he has slept through the night with two dream feeds. Best money I ever spent other than my midwife.

9 month-old girl; Rae Norton – Sept 2017

I was really struggling with my 9-month-old daughter and her sleep (or lack thereof). She’s my first child. We had started rocking and feeding her to sleep, so she’d never gone to sleep by herself, she always relied on us. And whenever she fussed at night, I’d automatically go to her and feed her, and that would lull her back to sleep. She started to associate food with sleep. I was getting exhausted, frustrated, and quite frankly had trouble bonding with her because I was so sleep-deprived I wasn’t thinking clearly. When people heard about our troubles with her, they were shocked and assured me this wasn’t normal. We tried Cry-It-Out, which ripped my heart out, and my daughter would cry for 2-3 hours at a time. We tried the Ferber Method, which only stressed her out even more to see me but not have me help her. I didn’t know what else to do, but I knew that something had to change.
Then I heard about Tracy and decided to give her a call. She gave me a free 15-minute consultation and I decided that the Premium Sleep Package would work best for us. Tracy sent me an extremely in-depth form that asked questions about my daughter to learn about her personality and disposition. I wanted her to know everything about my daughter. She called me and we came up with an in-depth personal plan based on my daughter’s specific needs. And then we began.
The nights improved first. Seriously, within 4-5 nights, my daughter was sleeping TWELVE HOURS through the night! I couldn’t believe it either! When she woke up in the middle of the night, I was already in her room (per my PERSONALIZED sleep plan) and could quietly reassure/soothe her before she got too upset. Once she realized she was safe and I would respond to her needs, she stopped waking as often. We were also able to cut back on night feeds, as she didn’t need to eat 4 times a night as a 9-month-old anymore. I finally had my nights back! I felt like a brand-new mom! I actually looked FORWARD to seeing my daughter in the morning because I actually missed her, rather than resenting her for waking up 4-5 times a night!
Then it was time to work on daytime naps. My daughter had been waking up at 5:00am, sometimes 4:30am, and it was killing me. Once we got the night sleeping down, she would actually sleep in till 6:00am or 6:30am (which is a LUXURY for us)! But naps were different. It was harder. Tracy and I had to work together and create new plans based on my daughter’s needs. We learned together that she is VERY intelligent, sensitive to stimulus, stubborn, active, etc., and that those personality traits were making it more difficult for her to sleep. So we adjusted the plan and continued to work together. As our three months together were coming to a close, I was worried that my daughter would never change, that this hadn’t worked. But I hung in there and stayed diligent and patient. And believe it or not—seriously, like in the last two weeks—it WORKED. My daughter is sleeping now, napping regularly through the day. She had to set the pace, she led the way, and Tracy and I just kinda shaped and molded her according to the path she led us down.
I’m SO glad I got the sleep package that I did. I got 6 in-depth phone calls with Tracy (in addition to our initial consultation) and 14 text messages, which I felt was perfect. I scheduled our phone calls to be every two weeks, so that they would last the whole three months and I could update her according to what was happening currently. And Tracy was so patient with the text messages. She never made me feel stupid for the questions I asked, always responded in an appropriate time manner, and even took my calls/texts when she was on vacation with her family! Having her only a text away was so comforting and convenient.
I honestly feel like I have a different child now. She’s napping during the day, she’s sleeping 12 hours at night. But I feel like a different person too. I’m more well-rested, more patient, more knowledgeable about my daughter and her needs/development, more flexible, less stressed. I feel empowered with the information I have. I felt like I had to have this “perfect” sleep plan or method, but now I have let go a little and allow my daughter to lead the way. Sometimes we get off-track, but when I strive to be consistent, she finds her way back. I’m realizing there’s no “perfect” sleep method and that it depends on the needs of the individual child. I’m so grateful to Tracy for giving me tools that I can use with my daughter as she gets older, and can use with future children as well. Our lives are totally different now than what they used to be—we actually have our lives back! I am a huge believer in this program and grateful for the personalized help I’ve received!

9 month-old boy; Amy & Colin

Wanted to share our successful experience with Tracy’s sleep coaching…My husband and I were literally at our wits end when we found Tracy and contacted her about helping us teach our son to fall and stay asleep. He was just about 9 months old and was waking every couple of hours even though he no longer needed night feedings. After our description of his habits and ours, Tracy recognized him as an “active, alert” baby, which fits him perfectly. And she tailored a plan of action just for us. We did start to see a difference right away, even though he did resist the change initially. It wasn’t long before we saw the wakings get further and further apart and then they were just gone altogether. We got our lives back! It’s really amazing how much a good night’s sleep can change your whole perspective and set you right again. Our son is still an active and alert toddler, so when he is working on a major milestone we still have some wake ups but we go right back to the plan and it’s funny how trained he is. We start our mantra and in about a minute he goes from standing in the crib to cuddled up with his blankie and is back to sleep in another minute or two. I love that we always have this go-to plan if he starts having trouble again. There’s no guess work about what we need to do. It works and it is gentle. I couldn’t handle the cry-it-out and other “no-cry” methods just involved too much guessing about what might work for my child. Tracy spelled it out clearly and assured us that if we followed through, we’d see results. She was so right and we are so thankful!

Jennifer P.

I don’t know where I would be without Tracy’s services… contacted her a month or so ago with a baby that had to be nursed to sleep and still would wake every other hour. It has been since September and she now sleeps through the night and doesn’t relate nursing with sleep. It is a lot of work to get there, and Tracy is there to hold your hand the whole way through. It was nice having someone there to lean on instead of flying blind relying on books and opinions of others… I also recommend starting early. I was just in time before my baby started pulling herself up to a stand in the crib at night. Tracy helped me deal with that too….

Jennifer M

Hi Tracy,
I wanted to share an experience I just had with you and Andrea related to my recent sleep training.
I had a doctor’s appointment this morning and as soon as my doctor came into the room he pretty much exclaimed how great I looked, how my aura seemed different and how I seemed full of energy! He said i was a different person than who he has seen over the last 6 months when I have taken Oliver for appointments.
I told him that Oliver was finally sleeping through the night and how I feel rested and more like myself than I have in months. I told him all about the sleep training and he was very impressed and interested in hearing all about it. He asked for your name and the company name, so I wrote it down for him and he said he has some patients that could really use your help.
I just wanted to let you know about this and to say THANK YOU for giving me my sleep and life back and for helping me get Oliver the sleep he needs too. It has not been easy, but it has been worth it!
Sincerely,  Jennifer M

10-12 Months

10 month-old girl; Emily Gignac

Screaming Stella’s Story: She’s 10 months with a fiery temper and too clever for her age… This adventure of sleep coaching took us longer than the average but it did work!!!!! Night 11 Stella fell asleep in under 3min and slept just over 12 hours. She woke up pumped for her day, this is the best feeling ever. It’s not an easy road to take but it is soo worth it. Remember to think happy thoughts and absolutly be CONSISTANT (we learnt that the hard way)… Tracy Spackman you have been amazing to us and I could not have done any of this without your help. Thank you from myself and my friends and family because this helped me to become a nice person again lol

12 month-old girl; Rachel

We had nothing going for us. A 12 month old that nursed herself to sleep, slept next to me and would nurse every 45 minutes alllll night. My daughter never even took a nap by herself. A week and a half ago, I started using a plan that was specifically created for me by Tracy. What I love about Tracy’s approach is it isn’t a “one size fits all”. Everyone has different goals. I didn’t want to nurse my daughter to sleep anymore AND I wanted her to fall asleep in her crib. Never thought it would happen. Guess what? A week and a half later my daughter is sleeping long and peaceful stretches in her crib! I feel like I have my life again. I feel like I can take better care of my 3 year old son. I can’t tell you how many important events I missed out on last year because I had to constantly nurse and lay with my colicky daughter. I can’t thank you enough, Tracy!

12 month-old girl

We had nothing going for us. A 12 month old that nursed herself to sleep, slept next to me and would nurse every 45 minutes alllll night. My daughter never even took a nap by herself. A week and a half ago, I started using a plan that was specifically created for me by Tracy. What I love about Tracy’s approach is it isn’t a “one size fits all”. Everyone has different goals. I didn’t want to nurse my daughter to sleep anymore AND I wanted her to fall asleep in her crib. Never thought it would happen. Guess what? A week and a half later my daughter is sleeping long and peaceful stretches in her crib! I feel like I have my life again. I feel like I can take better care of my 3 year old son. I can’t tell you how many important events I missed out on last year because I had to constantly nurse and lay with my colicky daughter. I can’t thank you enough, Tracy!

11 month-old; Erin S.

We used Tracy to help support us through a “gentle” form of sleep training. From the beginning, becasue we were so sleep deprived, it was wonderful to have her coaching us. She gave us the confidence that if we stuck with the plan, things would l get better. She also made us feel like we weren’t bad parents, that some babies just need more help learning to sleep than others. I am “attachment” style parent, who had a 100% natural labor and birth and never thought I would do any form of sleep training, but we got to the point where we were all so tired (including my baby) that we had to do something.
I’m not going to lie… it wasn’t easy, and there was crying, but our son was never left alone to “cry it out”. Tracy set up and guided us through a plan that was specific to our child, our family’s needs and was supportive of breastfeeding. One size does not fit all and having Tracy to check in with really made the process easier. We didn’t have to guess if we were doing the right thing.
I don’t think there is a magic bullet. but our 11 month old now sleeps through the night and takes two, one & a half hour naps. With Tracy’s help, we have taught our son to sleep. It seems simple, but it’s one of the most important skills you can have. He is so much happier now that he is getting the sleep he needs…I wasn’t the only one who was sleep deprived.
Using a sleep coach was the best baby “purchase” we have made. When I hear of other families struggling with either a baby that isn’t sleeping or suffering through, “turn the monitor of and let them cry” I am so thankful that we found a different route. I told Tracy that if we have a second child, I will be contacting her before the baby is even born to put a sleep plan in place… joking (sort of).

Jennifer C

Hello Tracy,
Just wanted to let you know that James sleeps well now! I can’t believe it was less than two months ago that we were still waking up several times a night and having James sleep with us. Now he goes to sleep at night usually without a fuss. If he wakes up at all, it’s usually for only a few minutes and he puts himself right back to sleep. Most of the time, we don’t hear from him until the morning. If we encounter any significant problems, we’ll be in touch, but so far it looks like our sleeping problems are gone! Thanks again for all of your help. It has made such a positive difference in our lives.

12 months-old

My son who will be a year old next week was still waking every 2-3hrs all night. On night #8 (step 2) of sleep coaching he slept 11hrs straight!! Tonight we skipped right to step 4 and I am shocked to say… He fell asleep in 10min without even having to be coached!!! Not a peep out of him!
Thank you Tracy for your guidance and support!
[…] a renowned certified gentle sleep coach. she has been coaching for over three years and has helped over FIVE HUNDRED families get better sleep. she creates sleep coaching plans for babies, toddlers, and preschoolers. she […]

12 month-old; Breanna Vega – May 2017

My baby was nursing off of me all night and sleeping so poorly that none of us were sleeping. She was over a year! Finally, we called Tracy and did the regular package. Within 7 days she was sleeping on her own, self soothing within five minutes and sleeping through the night. To this day she has been sleeping through the night consistently, and we always lay her down awake to sleep. This protocol was the best thing we ever did for her. (and us!)

13-18 Months

13 month-old boy; Corinne Underwood – July 31, 2017

In case anyone is a part of this group and trying to decide if working with Tracy is worth the money, here is my feedback. In 2015, when my son was 12/13 months old, we worked with Tracy to coach our son who nursed to sleep, slept in a swing, and woke up every 60-90 minutes.  I work full time and was dying of exhaustion. After working with Tracy, some tears on my part, my son was sleeping through the night within 10 days without nursing. I kept in contact with Tracy and anytime we hit a sleep regression we got some feedback, made changes, and easily kept my son on track. (Her help included keeping him from climbing out of crib, early waking, when to move to a toddler bed, traveling to significantly different time zone, and travel in general.) Every piece of advice she has given us helped me and has helped my son who is a difficult sleeper adjust. A little after 3, we moved him to a toddler bed and we moved to a brand new house. My son goes to bed on his own, sleeps all night, never gets up out of bed, and is the best napper in his daycare class.  16 months ago my daughter was born. I nursed to her to sleep and at wake ups. However, we used all of Tracy’s other suggestions she gave us for our son, since my daughter was born. She has always been a better/easier sleeper than my son, but I have to travel for work in a few weeks and decided to coach my daughter so that it isn’t so difficult for her while I am out of town. Last night was night 10 of coaching- I laid her down and she quickly fell asleep. She slept until 5:45 this morning and woke up happy. All I can tell you guys, is that it was easy for 9 nights, no tears, quick sleep, and happy kids. I have said it before and will say it again. The cost of working with Tracy is invaluable, and I would spend the money over and over again to have the results we have had. Thank you Tracy Spackman for being so good at what you do!  Honestly, my kids are the sleepers other parents are jealous of, and that is only Because of all the help we got from you!
And as a note for anyone concerned, I didn’t (and you don’t have to) stop nursing. My son nursed until 2.5yrs and my daughter still nurses. We just don’t use it to go to bed anymore.

14 month-old twins; Anonymous

I am so grateful to Tracy for her service. I have 14 month-old twins who desperately needed help with their sleep. WE needed help with their sleep! The prospect of figuring out how to sleep train two babies with such different tempermants was incredibly daunting. Thankfully, we had Tracy and didn’t have to figure it out on our own.We aren’t even done with the program yet and there has already been such an amazing impact on the whole family. They are now sleeping through the night IN THE SAME ROOM. Life changing… seriously. Thank you, Tracy!!!

18 month-old boy; Daniela & Alex

Erich, our 18 month old, was still not sleeping through the night. He was getting up anywhere from one to four times a night. From night to night, we were never sure what we would get. We had struggled with Erich’s sleep from the time he was an infant. While we had read every book available to us nothing seemed to work. Words cannot describe the helpless feeling we had. We had finally reached our breaking point and were desperate when we called Tracy at baby source.
Tracy was amazing! During our first consult, she took the time to get to know Erich and his sleep issues. She was able to break things down into very easy and understandable steps that were simple to follow. Tracy tailored a solution that would work for Erich which was great. It was not a one size fits all.
After 18 months of not sleeping, we were prepared to do anything it took but we did not want to use a cry it out approach. Within a couple of days, we saw an immediate change in his sleeping pattern Within a week, he went from waking up many times a night to sleeping through the night. He was becoming a dream sleeper – no fighting at bedtime, no crying, no wake ups. It’s been 4 weeks and Erich now goes to sleep on his own at 6:30pm and wakes in the morning. We both wish we had found Tracy sooner!
Tracy has been a huge support throughout the entire time. She provided us all the support we could have asked for to ensure we stayed on track with Erich. She is very knowledgeable, supportive, encouraging. Without her, we would still be sleep deprived, anxious and utterly exhausted. Erich is happier and rested, which is all we could ever have asked for. We will never be able to thank Tracy enough for her help.

14 month-old boy; Ruby Bilin

I just wanted to take a quick moment and say THANK YOU! You have changed our lives. We are so lucky to have been able to work with you. At 14 months when I will still bouncing my son to sleep. Only to have him wake up within the hour, I knew we needed to make some big changes. I must have called half a dozen sleep coaches and I felt none of them understood me and my parenting style. My son is my world and I want nothing but the best for him so when it came down to bringing someone in to help with his sleep I got him the best. YOU! You were amazing through the entire journey and I can’t thank you enough. You are so great at what you do, I just wish we would have connected you months ago. I am happy to report our son who woke up every 2 HOURS, slept in our bed and was bounced to sleep is now sleeping in HIS CRIB ALL NIGHT. I don’ t mean 12am – 5am I mean 7pm till 6am. I feel like a new person, I have my evenings back with my husband. I have enough energy in the mornings to go to the gym, the list just goes on. I tell everyone about you. Thank you.
For all the parents out there that feel like there is no light at the end of the tunnel and you feel like you have tried everything and you MUST contact Tracy. It will change your life!

Jon, Prisha, and Logan Brown

Jon and I would like to take a moment to recognize and thank you for the life changing help you brought to our lives. We feel so fortunate to have connected with you through the strong recommendation and success that Jennifer Phillips also experienced with your coaching services. After only a few weeks, Logan is now totally sleeping through the night (11-12 hours), able to put himself back to sleep, sleeping in his own room, and finally taking 2-3 naps in his crib!
We highly recommend you to all of our friends that are struggling with their babies sleep problems. Now, Jon and I look forward to our evenings together as a couple to reconnect and recharge so that when Logan is awake we enjoy our time together so much more. We are all well rested and in good spirits. I can give my little man and my husband my very best.
You were very professional, organized, available, encouraging, and calm throughout this entire process. I totally agree with my friend Jennifer when she said hiring you was worth every penny!
Thank you again,
Jon, Prisha, and Logan Brown

Update: Prisha Brown

We enjoy life so much more now that we all sleep better, thank you Tracy!

Terre K. (14.5 months)

“I just wanted to share my story with Tracy, in case anyone is contemplating hiring her.  I did not decide to use Tracy until my son was 14 1/2 months old and still waking between 2-5 times a night and had to be breastfed or carried around the room to get back to sleep and most often I had to sleep with him from 2 am on in a recliner in his room to get him to sleep. I will not lie, the first night of using the plan made by Tracy was extremely difficult for my son and myself but she provided much need encouragement and support. Within 3 nights he was night weaned and with in a week he was doing much better. Its been a few weeks and I have had some hitches in our plan due to him getting sick and dealing with molars coming in but he is doing much better. He has some nights where he sleeps through with a very early morning waking or just wakes once. We still have some awful nights but I think it has more to do with inevitable teething than anything else. The only negative is he used to be a decent napper and is now struggling with his naps more but I am sure with continued coaching and time that will improve. One big suggestion to anyone thinking of using Quiet Night’s Sleep Coaching…..please do yourself and your child a big favor and start when they are younger. I believe this process would have been much easier if I would have hired Tracy when my son was 8 or 9 months old instead of waiting as long as I did. She is well worth the money.”

19-24 Months

Sarah F.

“Tracy is the best!!! I had read all the books and looked for answers everywhere on how to get my baby to sleep independently, but I never really got it until my consultation with Tracy.
She taught me how important it is to put my baby down at the right time for both naps and nighttime. She also walked me through a gentle method where of course the baby had some crying, but still had plenty of support. Now he sleeps in his crib for two naps a day, and for the first time EVER last night, he slept through the night!!
Tracy was so helpful and made herself very available for extra support when I needed it (and I needed it!!). I will definitely be recommending her to all my friends. Thank you so much, Tracy!”


I just wanted to let you know that I’m standing outside her room in disbelief! She fell asleep in 10 min tonight without any big fuss. I’m in tears  Also for second nap she fell back asleep for a full HOUR after the usual 30 mins. It took 45 min to fall back asleep but she did it.
I’m so happy… Tears of joy in every sense of the word. We are thrilled and realize this just happened once but will be better in time.
Thank you thank you!!!


She is sleeping through the night!!!!
She has slept through the night for the past four days.
We are thrilled with everything.

2-5 Year Olds

2 year-old; Anonymous

Hi Tracy! Thank you again for coming out to speak at our MOMS Club meeting. This was my second time hearing you and gave me the confidence to make a change. I’ve been rocking my 2 year old since birth. After nursing her I would rock her to sleep till a week ago. I started putting her to bed without rocking and three days later it’s worked!! It was so hard to hear her cry and wanted to keep going into her room and just rock her to sleep! First day (night time) took almost an hour before she stopped crying, second day (nap time) 10 minutes and third day (night time) 3 minutes!!! OMG, is what I told my husband and said “it was this easy?!” I know it wasn’t, but couldn’t believe after three days I just go put her down and say nap time or night, night and she responds back with the same thing. A slight difference, at night I lay her down, say our prayers, sing twinkle twinkle, love you and good night. I do have to admit, I miss rocking her to sleep! Thank you again for your insight, suggestions and input!! “

2.5 year-old boy; Kelly Crawford – Dec 26,2017

My kiddo! I hate how long we struggled and he suffered. It was extremely enlarged adenoids and a posterior tongue tie. I worried about the surgeries being unnecessary but each improved his quality of life drastically and immediately. He was speech and feeding delayed. He loved food but spit almost everything out. Tracy Spackman recognized his signs of apnea and his adenoids were removed just after his 1st birthday and opening his airway 75% helped so much and Debbie Benefiel Gillespie pointed out the possibility of a tongue tie when he was 2.5yrs and we had it released soon after. He has his life back. He can speak and eat and doesn’t depend on formula to keep him sane and healthy. He spent his life sleep deprived, hungry, and misunderstood just trapped in his mind and miserable body and now he is well rested, well fed, and understood and included in conversation. It’s taking time to learn emotional regulation in occupational therapy since these are the first times he’s faced stressors that don’t seem catastrophic  from hunger and so on. But after more than a year of stagnation as soon as his tongue tie was released he’s been flying through speech and feeding therapy progressing rapidly. He is so much happier.
There is nothing to lose from investigating this possibility and everything to gain. If you rule out medical issues Tracy Spackman is the best and can help guide you to support her sleep needs based on her developmental needs, she only advises gentle and evidence based sleep support for children. Her business is Get Quiet Nights.

4.5 year-old; Hera and Robert D.

Our 4 ½ year old has never been a good sleeper. She had a hard time falling asleep, she would wake up throughout the night, cry, and wanted to sleep in our bed. To complicate things she also has a serious medical condition. When we brought home her new sister we knew we needed help. It took time and patience, but Tracy assured us if we followed the plan, our daughter would eventually sleep throughout the night in her own bed. Tracy created a plan that was easy to follow and worked for our daughter. Tracy was always accessible and responded quickly to our questions. Now, our daughter not only sleeps throughout the night in her own bed, but she is more rested and happy throughout the day just like her parents.

Multiple Children

Six kids not sleeping – 15 months – 13 years-old; Raeval Seitz Evans -Feb 9, 2013

Sleep coaching has been going amazing. Luke was down by 6:30 pm and the girls asleep by 7:00 pm. We decided to try going out for a date again last night. And guess what, the kids slept right through it. We got home at 12 pm to find all the kids still in bed. Luke stayed sleeping until 5:50 am. And the girls were up at 7:00 am. No middle of the night wake ups at all. I came home and went right to sleep. The best nights sleep I have had in a long time. Nap training hasn’t been going as well, my older kids keep interrupting it and it makes it difficult to put him down. But he has had at least one nap today, so we are still doing pretty good.  Naps are still a work in progress and looking forward to futures successes.

Update:  Raeval Seitz Evans, Feb 13, 2013

I am amazed at how much better my kids are doing. They all seem much happier and have more energy. All 6 of my kids are all in bed on time and usually asleep with 5 – 10 minutes of laying down. I had a great first day for nap training Luke and then a few bad days and so I thought it was over with. But we have had 2 days where he has had 2 naps a day. I lay him down and he is out with minutes and then he is still going to bed really good. We are still dealing with early wake-ups, but he has been falling asleep within minutes then too, so I am hopeful if I stay consistent and don’t give in, that we can overcome that obstacle too. I am finally get some real sleep. It is still interrupted some nights, but it is by far way better than it has ever been. I am so amazed at this program and how easily it works. Thank you Tracy for changing my life.

Update: Raeval Seitz Evans, Feb 17, 2013

Tracy Spackman has done an amazing job helping me to get all 6 of my kids sleeping. Tracy living in Arizona and me in Calgary did not cause any issues with her helping me to train my kids to sleep.

Update: Raeval Seitz Evans, April 12, 2013

I just wanted to give a quick update. I broke my ankle just over a week ago and so I have been unable to take care of my kids as I am stuck in bed for the next 6 weeks. I have had many friends watching my kids during the day for me so I can rest and heal. The greatest news I heard was from a dear friend who said it was like watching completely different kids. She had watched my younger children several months ago, before the sleep coaching. She said they had been grouchy, unhappy, energized kids. However, this time she said they were happy healthy kids who enjoyed playing together. She was shocked how much they had changed and it is all because of Tracy and her sleep coaching. Even though my husband is now in charge of putting them all to bed, all 6 of them are still sleeping straight through the night. It would be much more difficult for my husband if he was stuck having to get up several times throughout the night to deal with all the kids as well as take care of their daily needs. Thanks so much again Tracy, your help has really made all the difference in our lives.

10 months and 2 years-old; Chuck and Renee Jedlicka

In February I felt like I was losing my mind, My two son’s (Thorin 2 & Oaken 10 months) were not sleeping through the night and I was dreading going to bed every night. A friend recommended Tracy Spackman and we got started right away. It took a few weeks but the effort has been well worth it. Oaken who will be 1 tomorrow is sleeping through the night consistently and is taking 2 naps at the same time everyday. Thorin has been a tougher case but we finally have him sleeping through the night. I would recommend to anyone to start with Tracy sooner than later  I feel like I have my life and my sanity back. It is amazing how much better I feel after having a full nights sleep and now my husband and I can enjoy our quiet evenings. Thanks Tracy!

5 month girl; 2 year-old boy; Runa

When my daughter was about 5 months old she stopped sleeping. She had been an excellent sleeper up until then and I was baffled. I had been diligent about trying to let her put herself to sleep and was determined to have at least one good sleeper as my son was not!. After about a month of nobody sleeping, I called Tracy in tears and begged for her help. I had found her through The Sleep Lady website when I was at my wits end and Kim West’s methods were my favorite and I had read EVERY sleep book when my son was an infant. Tracy is truly an angel. She talked me through my tears, talked to my husband, and we arranged for some sleep nudging to begin. Tracy talked to my husband and I for about 2 hours and we made a plan. She was very specific with her directions and explained everything thoroughly. I followed her instructions and we began the following night. Within 3 nights my daughter was falling asleep within 5-10 minutes and was sleeping 12 hours straight. Tracy and I talked each morning. I believe she truly has a gift as she listened to what I did during the night and knew just what to do/how to adjust things and support me so that my daughter would sleep. It really helped me get through some of the tears knowing that I had a professional to talk to in the morning who would tell me what I did right and what to change. Now when we fall out of our routine, I know what to do to get my daughter back to sleeping all night. It is the most wonderful thing in the world to wake up to the sounds of a happy well-rested child. My son never got enough sleep and therefore never woke up happy and I wish we would have contacted Tracy back when he was 6 months old; the difference is worth every penny!!
Tracy also helped us with my son. He was a much tougher case because he was older and we (my husband and I) made the decision to transition him out of his crib into a bed and move his sister into his room all at once. Poor guy. Tracy was again so flexible and great at tailoring a sleep plan for our family’s needs and situation. While he is definitely not perfect, he is finally able to really put himself to sleep and sleep all night in his bed most nights. Any flaws in his sleeping are because we didn’t follow Tracy’s advice 100%, but the bottom line is how he is sleeping now works for us and we are all getting sleep. I seriously wish we would have invested the money with Tracy when my son was younger. I would have been a much happier momma and he would have been a much happier little guy and I know he would be a much better sleeper now.
Thank you Tracy for everything. I constantly sing your praises to all my friends and you gave my family back some much needed sleep!
xoxo, Runa