19-24 Month Success

Sarah F.

“Tracy is the best!!! I had read all the books and looked for answers everywhere on how to get my baby to sleep independently, but I never really got it until my consultation with Tracy.
She taught me how important it is to put my baby down at the right time for both naps and nighttime. She also walked me through a gentle method where of course the baby had some crying, but still had plenty of support. Now he sleeps in his crib for two naps a day, and for the first time EVER last night, he slept through the night!!
Tracy was so helpful and made herself very available for extra support when I needed it (and I needed it!!). I will definitely be recommending her to all my friends. Thank you so much, Tracy!”


I just wanted to let you know that I’m standing outside her room in disbelief! She fell asleep in 10 min tonight without any big fuss. I’m in tears  Also for second nap she fell back asleep for a full HOUR after the usual 30 mins. It took 45 min to fall back asleep but she did it.
I’m so happy… Tears of joy in every sense of the word. We are thrilled and realize this just happened once but will be better in time.
Thank you thank you!!!


She is sleeping through the night!!!!
She has slept through the night for the past four days.
We are thrilled with everything.