7-9 Month Success

Kelli Crawford posted July 20, 2019 in East Vally Crunchy Moms

Talk to Tracy Spackman. She is a gentle sleep coach. She teaches about developmental sleep needs, following an infant’s schedule, healthy sleep environment and habits, meeting the baby’s needs to ultimately support the family’s sleep, and identifying medical conditions that affect sleep such as apnea. She taught me so much I wish I had known and in hindsight can see in my children’s sleep cycles but I couldn’t put my finger on before. 4 kids in and I still learned a ton. She was the only person among a myriad of specialists to identify my son’s sleep apnea and I guarantee she saved his life, he so easily could have been labeled a SIDS case. I am adamantly against extinction methods and creating traumatic detachment and Tracy does not teach any traumatic methods. I think it would really fruitful to pick her brain.

Katie Mayer posted July 20, 2019 in East Vally Crunchy Moms

I used Tracy Spackman as well! She was great! My son has been sleeping through the night since 6 months old (he’s 2y9mos now) and absolutely adores his crib. I compare him to all my friends’ children who have never sleep coached and his sleeping habits and love of sleep and comfort with sleep are hands down the best. Because we did it so young, I found this to be much easier. It only becomes harder the longer you wait. He was STTN after three nights and I had transitioned out of sleeping in his room after 2 weeks. To this day, his crib is such a place of comfort for him. No bedtime battles. No struggles. Likes to stay in there and talk and play too. Oh and I should add – my baby ONLY slept on people for naps until he was 7 mos old. Once he learned to self settle at night and got into a good sleep routine, he started wanting to nap in his crib himself. It was amazing to watch him learn a skill and then communicate to us that he wanted to do it. Was there some crying for a few nights? Yes. But there was crying all night long with every wake up and trying to get him to sleep prior to that. I coached him cribside the whole time as he learned his new skill of independent sleep. And he has a very strong attachment to me to this day. There is a different between sleep training and cry it out and gentle sleep coaching and for our baby, it was incredible.

9 month-old boy; Susan Taylor   

If I was even a skeptic for a moment I’m not anymore!!!We started sleep training Zander who is 9 months old on Thursday and already we are seeing HUGE results!!! 1st night it took him 2 hrs to fall asleep and was awake 5 times. 2nd night 30 mins to fall asleep and awake twice! 3rd night 15mins to fall asleep and awake twice. He is in bed for 12 hrs solid and we are already SO close to him sleeping the night and NOT needing any milk at 3a.m like he usually does. We are actually working on naps at the same time and seeing huge improvements already as well. I am VERY optimistic that each day will be better and that I can actually have a life back and not be a caffeine junky just to function through the day!!!! Thank you Tracy for the best advice we ever got on sleep!!!
My Zander update…..the fact that I am on the computer right now and stress free is because of the amazing advice we were given by Tracy!!! We are at the point now where we do our bedtime routine, say goodnight and WALK away to enjoy the rest of our evening. We don’t see Zander till around 7:15 the next morning. The freedom this has given me is PRICELESS! Also our naps now have huge success as well. That did take a lot more time and patience but it finally worked. The key for us was actually tin foil! We couldn’t get his room quite dark enough but the second the tin foil covered that window the naps were a breeze! YEAH! I finally sleep at night after 9 months!!!


I am so grateful to have found Tracy. This was an answer to my prayers. I wanted to help my baby sleep better but didn’t want to give up nursing at night and I didn’t think it was possible. I also didn’t want to leave my baby to cry all alone to learn to self sooth like all the books recommend. I love the hands on gentle sleep coaching. I loved that I was able to continue to feel the connection with my baby through continuing to nurse her at night. And I love love love that we all get a whole lot more sleep then before we found Tracy. Thank you! Best decision.

8 month-old boy; Dee Mosburger  

We have been sleep training our almost 8 month old son now since Monday, & we had an “off night” on Wednesday ( my fault) & he slept 12 hours straight last night!!!
He used to wake every hour EVERY night!!
Thanks to Tracy Spackman, our LO is sleeping SO much better! even napping better … If you are having troubles with your LO sleeping at night, I recommend sleep training with Tracy 110%! THANK YOU!

8 month-old; Anonymous

Tracy Spackman’s help has meant so much to me! She was able to teach me how to help my 8 month old fall asleep on his own which has translated into longer stretches at night and longer naps. All of this while still being responsive to my baby’s emotional and physical needs and continuing to provide night feeds (my choice). I can’t recommend her enough! The stress that we all, including baby, felt around sleep is practically non-existent now.

Edna Wedna (not her real name but her facebook name, lol)

After a grueling first night I had my doubts. But I kept my faith and we are seeing dramatic progress! You are an angel sent from heaven! Bless you and your amazing powers!
Update Edna Wedna
Hallelujah!! Our babe slept through the night! I can’t believe it! I thought we were beyond help. THANK YOU!!!!!

7 month-old girl; Keeley Bruner – April 2017  

So y’all. I love co-sleeping. I know that can be a contentious topic among parents these days, but I will say that many of the nights since Kathryn was born have been spent with the two of us next to each other, mainly with her nursing. And although this has a certain sweetness, we began to get to the point where we were sleeping better apart. The problem was that she was still waking frequently, and I was facing difficulty in knowing how to respond. Even having been through it before with Julia, I was frustrated and befuddled as to how to get this child to sleep more consistently. I consider myself a moderately intelligent individual, but I was dumbfounded as to how to tap this undiscovered potential within my darling baby. Enter Tracy Spackman, of Quiet Nights “gentle” Sleep Coaching. Within a week of attending her workshop and beginning a sleep plan, Kathryn was going down in 5-10 minutes with no nursing, and sleeping 11 hours with minimal fussing. If you’d have told me this would be the case a couple weeks ago, I would have wept tears of incredulous joy. Many, many, many thanks to Tracy for giving Kathryn and me this gift! I can’t recommend her enough–if this sounds exciting to you and you’re local to the Valley, please check her out on Facebook and consider attending her next workshop on April 29th. You won’t regret it. Also many thanks to Lauren for telling me about Tracy in the first place!   

9 month-old boy; Nicole Hamic – Jan 6, 2018

I won’t lie… I was super skeptical of the idea of ANY sort of sleep coaching/training for Ellis. After all, he’s not a dog to train, he’s a baby. But 4 months of wakeups every hour at night, a fight to go to sleep every night and we were both not so happy and I knew I was doing something wrong. Well, I talked with Tracy Spackman at Get Quiet Nights and she assured me that I could continue to breastfeed at night and even continue to co-sleep if I wanted but could still get both of us more sleep with less struggle. It sounded too good to be true. BUT, we are about 10 days in and Ellis went to sleep in 7 minutes without falling asleep at the breast, no crying, no nada and the last two nights he has slept through the night with two dream feeds. Best money I ever spent other than my midwife.

9 month-old girl; Rae Norton – Sept 2017

I was really struggling with my 9-month-old daughter and her sleep (or lack thereof). She’s my first child. We had started rocking and feeding her to sleep, so she’d never gone to sleep by herself, she always relied on us. And whenever she fussed at night, I’d automatically go to her and feed her, and that would lull her back to sleep. She started to associate food with sleep. I was getting exhausted, frustrated, and quite frankly had trouble bonding with her because I was so sleep-deprived I wasn’t thinking clearly. When people heard about our troubles with her, they were shocked and assured me this wasn’t normal. We tried Cry-It-Out, which ripped my heart out, and my daughter would cry for 2-3 hours at a time. We tried the Ferber Method, which only stressed her out even more to see me but not have me help her. I didn’t know what else to do, but I knew that something had to change.
Then I heard about Tracy and decided to give her a call. She gave me a free 15-minute consultation and I decided that the Premium Sleep Package would work best for us. Tracy sent me an extremely in-depth form that asked questions about my daughter to learn about her personality and disposition. I wanted her to know everything about my daughter. She called me and we came up with an in-depth personal plan based on my daughter’s specific needs. And then we began.
The nights improved first. Seriously, within 4-5 nights, my daughter was sleeping TWELVE HOURS through the night! I couldn’t believe it either! When she woke up in the middle of the night, I was already in her room (per my PERSONALIZED sleep plan) and could quietly reassure/soothe her before she got too upset. Once she realized she was safe and I would respond to her needs, she stopped waking as often. We were also able to cut back on night feeds, as she didn’t need to eat 4 times a night as a 9-month-old anymore. I finally had my nights back! I felt like a brand-new mom! I actually looked FORWARD to seeing my daughter in the morning because I actually missed her, rather than resenting her for waking up 4-5 times a night!
Then it was time to work on daytime naps. My daughter had been waking up at 5:00am, sometimes 4:30am, and it was killing me. Once we got the night sleeping down, she would actually sleep in till 6:00am or 6:30am (which is a LUXURY for us)! But naps were different. It was harder. Tracy and I had to work together and create new plans based on my daughter’s needs. We learned together that she is VERY intelligent, sensitive to stimulus, stubborn, active, etc., and that those personality traits were making it more difficult for her to sleep. So we adjusted the plan and continued to work together. As our three months together were coming to a close, I was worried that my daughter would never change, that this hadn’t worked. But I hung in there and stayed diligent and patient. And believe it or not—seriously, like in the last two weeks—it WORKED. My daughter is sleeping now, napping regularly through the day. She had to set the pace, she led the way, and Tracy and I just kinda shaped and molded her according to the path she led us down.
I’m SO glad I got the sleep package that I did. I got 6 in-depth phone calls with Tracy (in addition to our initial consultation) and 14 text messages, which I felt was perfect. I scheduled our phone calls to be every two weeks, so that they would last the whole three months and I could update her according to what was happening currently. And Tracy was so patient with the text messages. She never made me feel stupid for the questions I asked, always responded in an appropriate time manner, and even took my calls/texts when she was on vacation with her family! Having her only a text away was so comforting and convenient.
I honestly feel like I have a different child now. She’s napping during the day, she’s sleeping 12 hours at night. But I feel like a different person too. I’m more well-rested, more patient, more knowledgeable about my daughter and her needs/development, more flexible, less stressed. I feel empowered with the information I have. I felt like I had to have this “perfect” sleep plan or method, but now I have let go a little and allow my daughter to lead the way. Sometimes we get off-track, but when I strive to be consistent, she finds her way back. I’m realizing there’s no “perfect” sleep method and that it depends on the needs of the individual child. I’m so grateful to Tracy for giving me tools that I can use with my daughter as she gets older, and can use with future children as well. Our lives are totally different now than what they used to be—we actually have our lives back! I am a huge believer in this program and grateful for the personalized help I’ve received!

9 month-old boy; Amy & Colin

Wanted to share our successful experience with Tracy’s sleep coaching…My husband and I were literally at our wits end when we found Tracy and contacted her about helping us teach our son to fall and stay asleep. He was just about 9 months old and was waking every couple of hours even though he no longer needed night feedings. After our description of his habits and ours, Tracy recognized him as an “active, alert” baby, which fits him perfectly. And she tailored a plan of action just for us. We did start to see a difference right away, even though he did resist the change initially. It wasn’t long before we saw the wakings get further and further apart and then they were just gone altogether. We got our lives back! It’s really amazing how much a good night’s sleep can change your whole perspective and set you right again. Our son is still an active and alert toddler, so when he is working on a major milestone we still have some wake ups but we go right back to the plan and it’s funny how trained he is. We start our mantra and in about a minute he goes from standing in the crib to cuddled up with his blankie and is back to sleep in another minute or two. I love that we always have this go-to plan if he starts having trouble again. There’s no guess work about what we need to do. It works and it is gentle. I couldn’t handle the cry-it-out and other “no-cry” methods just involved too much guessing about what might work for my child. Tracy spelled it out clearly and assured us that if we followed through, we’d see results. She was so right and we are so thankful!

Jennifer P.

I don’t know where I would be without Tracy’s services… contacted her a month or so ago with a baby that had to be nursed to sleep and still would wake every other hour. It has been since September and she now sleeps through the night and doesn’t relate nursing with sleep. It is a lot of work to get there, and Tracy is there to hold your hand the whole way through. It was nice having someone there to lean on instead of flying blind relying on books and opinions of others… I also recommend starting early. I was just in time before my baby started pulling herself up to a stand in the crib at night. Tracy helped me deal with that too….

Jennifer M

Hi Tracy,
I wanted to share an experience I just had with you and Andrea related to my recent sleep training.
I had a doctor’s appointment this morning and as soon as my doctor came into the room he pretty much exclaimed how great I looked, how my aura seemed different and how I seemed full of energy! He said i was a different person than who he has seen over the last 6 months when I have taken Oliver for appointments.
I told him that Oliver was finally sleeping through the night and how I feel rested and more like myself than I have in months. I told him all about the sleep training and he was very impressed and interested in hearing all about it. He asked for your name and the company name, so I wrote it down for him and he said he has some patients that could really use your help.
I just wanted to let you know about this and to say THANK YOU for giving me my sleep and life back and for helping me get Oliver the sleep he needs too. It has not been easy, but it has been worth it!
Sincerely,  Jennifer M