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Epsom Salts! Can it fix…Acting out, Biting, acting violent…

Talking with a wise friend today, she shared a great parenting tip. Epsom salts. If you have a child that is acting out, biting, acting violent and you don’t know where these behaviors could possibly be coming from, perhaps they are low in magnesium which increases anxiety and causes discomfort in their bodies. She was […]

My baby likes me better when…

My baby likes me better when… 1. I come to him as soon as he calls for me in the morning 2. I pay attention to his sleep cues and put him to sleep before he’s overtired. 3. I nurse and cuddle him before his nap since he doesn’t have day time sleep skills yet. […]

Are you keeping a log?

Have you ever heard the expression, “Return and Report”.   It means to get the job done and then report the progress or completion to your superiors or others who need to know.  This helps us keep track of progress.  We do it for work, health and goals.  It’s very important in sleep coaching. After […]

What's with the 4 month sleep disaster?

Great Question:  Tracy Spackman, my DD was a decent sleeper up until about the 4 ish month stage. Now at 5 months, she has a harder time falling asleep now, and only naps for very short periods during the day, why?   Yes, around the 4 the month, there is tons of brain development. Like […]

What is a sleep coach?

What is a sleep coach? A sleep coach is a parenting counselor who specializes in sleep. Like Kim West. I trained with Kim West. Or rather, I am trained by Kim West. Now, I teach parents gentle methods to help with their baby sleep goals. It’s different than a sleep trainer who goes into homes […]

I love getting emails like this! Another success story-17 months old

I love getting emails like this! Hi Tracy! How are you? Long time, no talk which in your line of business isn’t a bad thing 😉 I never began my 2 weeks of follow up calls with you because Hailey responded very well to some of the changes we made during the day. Per your […]