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Tracy Spackman | Infant & Toddler Sleep Coach

Have you ever heard the expression, “Return and Report”.   It means to get the job done and then report the progress or completion to your superiors or others who need to know.  This helps us keep track of progress.  We do it for work, health and goals.  It’s very important in sleep coaching.

After a few days of sleep coaching, you start to forget what happens in the previous days and it all blends together.  So keep a log.  Then you can see your progress in black and white.  When keeping your log digitally, it’s going to get lost unless you label it properly. It’s called digital filing and as I was explaining my preference to a Mom I am working with she said, “you are so right, people don’t realize how important proper labeling of digital filing is.”  I look at a lot of logs and have found a way to keep them all straight. From person to person and from day to day.  Here’s the secret.  Label Everything.
Name, age, city (this helps me know what time zone you are in for follow up calls), Night, Step, Date with Day of the Week.
So for example:  Baby Spackman, 7mo, Phoenix, Night 1, Step 1, Tuesday, June 10 2014
Then as you progress, the Night and Step and Date Change and if it goes long, the age adjusts.  This is especially important if your baby is 18 weeks old when you start.  Every week matters.

Title every log this way.  The order of the info can change, just be consistent about it.  Condensed, this log title may be: Baby Spackman, 7mo Phx N1 S1 Tues 6/10/14
The log itself is especially helpful if you keep it like a list. Start with the time and then what happened. Add as many details as you like.

For Example:

4-4:30pm Last nap (30 min)6:30 in crib (1 pick up, lots of quiet breaks, moderate fussing)
6:50 Asleep
9pm woke up (coached step 1)
9:15 back to sleep
12 Dream Feed (10 min)
3 woke up (2 pick ups, lots of gas)
4 back to sleep
4:30 woke up
4:45 back to sleep
5 woke up
5:20 back to sleep
6 woke up
6:10 back to sleep
7 woke up  DWU (Dramatic Wake Up)  & Nursed.

With your logs, lay look at them in multi-day lists side by side.  Compare the falling asleep times.  Compare how many wake ups and how long.  Compare any early rising.  Where do you see the progress.  Have you gone from 60 min to fall asleep to 10 min to fall asleep?  Have you gone from 6 wake ups to 1?  Have you gone from 5am wake up for the day to 6 am wake up for the day?  These would be signs of progress.

If you need help putting a sleep plan together and want to do a gentle method, give me a call.
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Tracy Spackman
Certified Gentle Sleep Coach