13-18 Month Success

13 month-old boy; Corinne Underwood – July 31, 2017

In case anyone is a part of this group and trying to decide if working with Tracy is worth the money, here is my feedback. In 2015, when my son was 12/13 months old, we worked with Tracy to coach our son who nursed to sleep, slept in a swing, and woke up every 60-90 minutes.  I work full time and was dying of exhaustion. After working with Tracy, some tears on my part, my son was sleeping through the night within 10 days without nursing. I kept in contact with Tracy and anytime we hit a sleep regression we got some feedback, made changes, and easily kept my son on track. (Her help included keeping him from climbing out of crib, early waking, when to move to a toddler bed, traveling to significantly different time zone, and travel in general.) Every piece of advice she has given us helped me and has helped my son who is a difficult sleeper adjust. A little after 3, we moved him to a toddler bed and we moved to a brand new house. My son goes to bed on his own, sleeps all night, never gets up out of bed, and is the best napper in his daycare class.  16 months ago my daughter was born. I nursed to her to sleep and at wake ups. However, we used all of Tracy’s other suggestions she gave us for our son, since my daughter was born. She has always been a better/easier sleeper than my son, but I have to travel for work in a few weeks and decided to coach my daughter so that it isn’t so difficult for her while I am out of town. Last night was night 10 of coaching- I laid her down and she quickly fell asleep. She slept until 5:45 this morning and woke up happy. All I can tell you guys, is that it was easy for 9 nights, no tears, quick sleep, and happy kids. I have said it before and will say it again. The cost of working with Tracy is invaluable, and I would spend the money over and over again to have the results we have had. Thank you Tracy Spackman for being so good at what you do!  Honestly, my kids are the sleepers other parents are jealous of, and that is only Because of all the help we got from you!
And as a note for anyone concerned, I didn’t (and you don’t have to) stop nursing. My son nursed until 2.5yrs and my daughter still nurses. We just don’t use it to go to bed anymore.

14 month-old twins; Anonymous

I am so grateful to Tracy for her service. I have 14 month-old twins who desperately needed help with their sleep. WE needed help with their sleep! The prospect of figuring out how to sleep train two babies with such different tempermants was incredibly daunting. Thankfully, we had Tracy and didn’t have to figure it out on our own.We aren’t even done with the program yet and there has already been such an amazing impact on the whole family. They are now sleeping through the night IN THE SAME ROOM. Life changing… seriously. Thank you, Tracy!!!

18 month-old boy; Daniela & Alex

Erich, our 18 month old, was still not sleeping through the night. He was getting up anywhere from one to four times a night. From night to night, we were never sure what we would get. We had struggled with Erich’s sleep from the time he was an infant. While we had read every book available to us nothing seemed to work. Words cannot describe the helpless feeling we had. We had finally reached our breaking point and were desperate when we called Tracy at baby source.
Tracy was amazing! During our first consult, she took the time to get to know Erich and his sleep issues. She was able to break things down into very easy and understandable steps that were simple to follow. Tracy tailored a solution that would work for Erich which was great. It was not a one size fits all.
After 18 months of not sleeping, we were prepared to do anything it took but we did not want to use a cry it out approach. Within a couple of days, we saw an immediate change in his sleeping pattern Within a week, he went from waking up many times a night to sleeping through the night. He was becoming a dream sleeper – no fighting at bedtime, no crying, no wake ups. It’s been 4 weeks and Erich now goes to sleep on his own at 6:30pm and wakes in the morning. We both wish we had found Tracy sooner!
Tracy has been a huge support throughout the entire time. She provided us all the support we could have asked for to ensure we stayed on track with Erich. She is very knowledgeable, supportive, encouraging. Without her, we would still be sleep deprived, anxious and utterly exhausted. Erich is happier and rested, which is all we could ever have asked for. We will never be able to thank Tracy enough for her help.

14 month-old boy; Ruby Bilin

I just wanted to take a quick moment and say THANK YOU! You have changed our lives. We are so lucky to have been able to work with you. At 14 months when I will still bouncing my son to sleep. Only to have him wake up within the hour, I knew we needed to make some big changes. I must have called half a dozen sleep coaches and I felt none of them understood me and my parenting style. My son is my world and I want nothing but the best for him so when it came down to bringing someone in to help with his sleep I got him the best. YOU! You were amazing through the entire journey and I can’t thank you enough. You are so great at what you do, I just wish we would have connected you months ago. I am happy to report our son who woke up every 2 HOURS, slept in our bed and was bounced to sleep is now sleeping in HIS CRIB ALL NIGHT. I don’ t mean 12am – 5am I mean 7pm till 6am. I feel like a new person, I have my evenings back with my husband. I have enough energy in the mornings to go to the gym, the list just goes on. I tell everyone about you. Thank you.
For all the parents out there that feel like there is no light at the end of the tunnel and you feel like you have tried everything and you MUST contact Tracy. It will change your life!

Jon, Prisha, and Logan Brown

Jon and I would like to take a moment to recognize and thank you for the life changing help you brought to our lives. We feel so fortunate to have connected with you through the strong recommendation and success that Jennifer Phillips also experienced with your coaching services. After only a few weeks, Logan is now totally sleeping through the night (11-12 hours), able to put himself back to sleep, sleeping in his own room, and finally taking 2-3 naps in his crib!
We highly recommend you to all of our friends that are struggling with their babies sleep problems. Now, Jon and I look forward to our evenings together as a couple to reconnect and recharge so that when Logan is awake we enjoy our time together so much more. We are all well rested and in good spirits. I can give my little man and my husband my very best.
You were very professional, organized, available, encouraging, and calm throughout this entire process. I totally agree with my friend Jennifer when she said hiring you was worth every penny!
Thank you again,
Jon, Prisha, and Logan Brown

Update: Prisha Brown

We enjoy life so much more now that we all sleep better, thank you Tracy!

Terre K. (14.5 months)

“I just wanted to share my story with Tracy, in case anyone is contemplating hiring her.  I did not decide to use Tracy until my son was 14 1/2 months old and still waking between 2-5 times a night and had to be breastfed or carried around the room to get back to sleep and most often I had to sleep with him from 2 am on in a recliner in his room to get him to sleep. I will not lie, the first night of using the plan made by Tracy was extremely difficult for my son and myself but she provided much need encouragement and support. Within 3 nights he was night weaned and with in a week he was doing much better. Its been a few weeks and I have had some hitches in our plan due to him getting sick and dealing with molars coming in but he is doing much better. He has some nights where he sleeps through with a very early morning waking or just wakes once. We still have some awful nights but I think it has more to do with inevitable teething than anything else. The only negative is he used to be a decent napper and is now struggling with his naps more but I am sure with continued coaching and time that will improve. One big suggestion to anyone thinking of using Quiet Night’s Sleep Coaching…..please do yourself and your child a big favor and start when they are younger. I believe this process would have been much easier if I would have hired Tracy when my son was 8 or 9 months old instead of waiting as long as I did. She is well worth the money.”