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Tracy Spackman | Infant & Toddler Sleep Coach

I was googling myself today in an “incognito” browser so I could see where I was ranking IMG_0768for the common keep words.  I used “Sleep Coach Mesa” (since that’s what my current sleepless family used) to see where I ranked and what they saw.  I was happy to see I was in the top TWO spots and then near the bottlom of that first page was a post from North Phoenix Family Magazine titled Five Things Keeping Babies from Sleeping which made me stop since that is the title of the talk I give to mom’s groups at hospitals and community events.  So I clicked on it and sure enough, it WAS me.  It was an article I had written for them a long time ago.  Usually I can spend 60-90 minutes on this topic and I remember that I was given a word limit so this is breif and to the point.  Check it out Here.