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Tracy Spackman | Infant & Toddler Sleep Coach

Tuck ( recently published a list of the top sleep consultants in the United States and told me made the cut! They looked at certifications held, overall customer sentiment and more.  At first when I ready their email, I thought another company wanted to sell me SEO services. (I get that a lot but don’t need it.) But I checked them out and I love all the free info they have on their site. It’s a great resource.
Here is the list of Top Sleep Consultants in the US. You can find me in the Arizona group.
So what makes me extra special?  I work with parents of alert kids. Children who are curious, observant, know what they want and hold out until they get it.  Some of these kids are spirited and challenging to parent while others are quiet and happy but so intense.  I teach the parents how to apply their parenting style to best help these alert children learn sleep skills in gentle, responsive and hands on ways.  Cry it out is never a sleep coaching method for children like this.  It can actually cause an anxiety disorder.  I help the parents read the behavioral cues and best meet the sleep needs to help the child adapt to learning situations to develope healthy sleep skills.
Thanks for noticing me Tuck!
Tracy Spackman- Certified Gentle Sleep Coach