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Tracy Spackman | Infant & Toddler Sleep Coach

Many families call me because their child wakes up repeatedly every night.
Does this happen to you?
Do you rock or bounce them only to finally bring them to bed with you or give them a bottle when you would like to wean them from night feeding?
Does your baby wake before 6am?
Does it take more than 30 minutes for your baby to fall asleep?
Are you going crazy from sleep deprivation because you haven’t had a good night sleep in 5,9,12 or 18 months?

Babies over 6 months old, toddlers and preschoolers should be getting about 11 hours of sleep.  There are important steps you can take to help your child get the right amount of sleep and the right kind of sleep.
Falling asleep and sleeping through the night is a learned skill.  Children who don’t learn this skill often have trouble sleeping throughout their life.  This is an important skill for parents to teach their children.  A healthy baby with their doctor’s approval can learn to sleep through the night as early as 5 months old.    Sleeping 11 hours straight.
A well rested baby is a happier and healthier baby.
I am a sleep coach.  At Quiet Nights we strive to help families get better sleep.  We develop personal sleep plans with you using gentle methods customized to your child’s needs.  We support  the child and parents throughout the process of learning healthy sleep habits.
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Tracy Spackman
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5 Responses

  1. Hi Tracy,
    I wanted to share an experience I just had with you and Andrea related to my recent sleep training.
    I had a doctor’s appointment this morning and as soon as my doctor came into the room he pretty much exclaimed how great I looked, how my aura seemed different and how I seemed full of energy! He said i was a different person than who he has seen over the last 6 months when I have taken Oliver for appointments.
    I told him that Oliver was finally sleeping through the night and how I feel rested and more like myself than I have in months. I told him all about the sleep training and he was very impressed and interested in hearing all about it. He asked for your name and the company name, so I wrote it down for him and he said he has some patients that could really use your help.
    I just wanted to let you know about this and to say THANK YOU for giving me my sleep and life back and for helping me get Oliver the sleep he needs too. It has not been easy, but it has been worth it!
    Jennifer M

  2. Erich, our 18 month old, was still not sleeping through the night. He was getting up anywhere from one to four times a night. From night to night, we were never sure what we would get. We had struggled with Erich’s sleep from the time he was an infant. While we had read every book available to us nothing seemed to work. Words cannot describe the helpless feeling we had. We had finally reached our breaking point and were desperate when we called Tracy.
    Tracy was amazing! During our first consult, she took the time to get to know Erich and his sleep issues. She was able to break things down into very easy and understandable steps that were simple to follow. Tracy tailored a solution that would work for Erich which was great. It was not a one size fits all.
    After 18 months of not sleeping, we were prepared to do anything it took but we did not want to use a cry it out approach. Within a couple of days, we saw an immediate change in his sleeping pattern Within a week, he went from waking up many times a night to sleeping through the night. He was becoming a dream sleeper – no fighting at bedtime, no crying, no wake ups. It’s been 4 weeks and Erich now goes to sleep on his own at 6:30pm and wakes in the morning. We both wish we had found Tracy sooner!
    Tracy has been a huge support throughout the entire time. She provided us all the support we could have asked for to ensure we stayed on track with Erich. She is very knowledgeable, supportive, encouraging. Without her, we would still be sleep deprived, anxious and utterly exhausted. Erich is happier and rested, which is all we could ever have asked for. We will never be able to thank Tracy enough for her help.
    Daniela & Alex

  3. Hello Tracy,
    Just wanted to let you know that James sleeps well now! I can’t believe it was less than two months ago that we were still waking up several times a night and having James sleep with us. Now he goes to sleep at night usually without a fuss. If he wakes up at all, it’s usually for only a few minutes and he puts himself right back to sleep. Most of the time, we don’t hear from him until the morning. If we encounter any significant problems, we’ll be in touch, but so far it looks like our sleeping problems are gone! Thanks again for all of your help. It has made such a positive difference in our lives.
    Jennifer C.

  4. Our 4 ½ year old has never been a good sleeper. She had a hard time falling asleep, she would wake up throughout the night, cry, and wanted to sleep in our bed. To complicate things she also has a serious medical condition. When we brought home her new sister we knew we needed help. It took time and patience, but Tracy assured us if we followed the plan, our daughter would eventually sleep throughout the night in her own bed. Tracy created a plan that was easy to follow and worked for our daughter. Tracy was always accessible and responded quickly to our questions. Now, our daughter not only sleeps throughout the night in her own bed, but she is more rested and happy throughout the day just like her parents.
    Hera and Robert D.

  5. We are SO happy with the sleep plan you gave us and want to thank you for all your help. You have been very patient with my many questions and always get back to me quickly. You have made a HUGE difference in our lives and we really appreciate all of your support. Thanks again Tracy.