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Are you a tired Parent?  Is your baby not sleeping?  There is a great blog post by Kim West I wanted to share where she talks about the different sleep coaching methods.  I like to use the gentlest method possible that fits a family’s personal situation and no 2 plans are exactly the same.  The important thing about the plan is that you feel you can follow it, it fits your family, and you have support from your sleep coach to make sure it continues to work for you.  If you don’t see progress in 3-5 days, you need a new plan.  To listen to this blog post in video go to  The following is the transcript:
Hi. I’m Kim West, the Sleep Lady. Today I want to talk about all the various sleep coaching methods. I know that there are more sleep books since my book first came out in 2004. I hear parents say “I have to find the perfect sleep coaching method. Maybe this new book will have the magic trick.”
I want to give you a quick behavioral modification tip: when it comes to behavioral modification methods, there’s only so many ways to peel an apple as they say. I have broken them down to four main methods. Now, when you go into a book store and you’re looking at the different sleep coaching books or looking at e-books online, you can think about this and figure out which method the book falls into. From there you can figure out what method you can follow through with consistently, because that is the key to sleep coaching success.
On one end of the spectrum is extinction. Meaning, you put your baby in their bed awake (by the way everyone is going to tell you that), you leave and you don’t go in all night. That way, you can’t be inconsistent by going in and intervening which can create even more crying.
Extinction is true “cry-it-out” and lots of us can’t stomach that!
Next to that would be graduated extinction. That basically means the parent goes into the child’s room to reassure them in timed intervals. For example, in Dr. Ferber’s book he recommends going into the room in 5, 10, 15, 20 minutes. In some countries they call this method “controlled crying”. In Good Night, Sleep Tight, I call it “timed checks”.
A lot of parents say to me, “What’s the magic number Kim for going in and checking on them? Whatever that is, that is what we are going to do whether its go in at 7 minutes, or 12 minutes or 14 minutes.” Unfortunately, there’s no magic number in the minutes. The minutes are there to control you, the parent. So pick the number of minutes that you feel comfortable with and follow through with it consistently.
Then in the middle road (the one I like) is fading. There are a couple of books that use fading like I do, for instance, The Baby Whisperer and No Cry Sleep Solution.
Fading in behavior science is when you slowly move away from something. So in this case, we’re intervening less and slowly moving away from your child’s bed as they learn to incorporate the skill of putting themselves to sleep.
One important part of fading is that you don’t stretch it out too long, because that can make it more difficult for your child. The more you stretch it out, the harder it can be on your child and the more difficult it will be to stay consistent which is essential in sleep coaching success.
On the other end of the sleep coaching method list is doing nothing, status qou, doing whatever works or I’ll deal with it later approach. You may say, “Well, that’s not a method Kim.” Well, actually, deciding to do nothing or nothing different is still a decision so I’m considering that a method so to speak. If a family is happy, functioning well and they’re doing whatever works and they don’t want to do any sleep coaching, then I support them. Family first.
Those are the basic four methods of sleep coaching. And again, the most important point is that you pick the sleep coaching method that you can follow through with consistently.
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