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Tracy Spackman | Infant & Toddler Sleep Coach

photo lierleyOver the weekend I had a friend that I had helped with sleep introduce me to her friend and said that we needed to talk. Lol. They had been talking about sleep at their mom’s group outings (of course) and it came out that this mom’s 2.5 year old was still not sleeping through the night and both mom and toddler were very sleep deprived. As a sleep deprived mom, you want to be sure you are getting at least 5.5 hours of total sleep in a 24 hour period. Otherwise you start showing signs of crazy… like backing out of the garage without opening the garage door…your perceptions are skewed and it’s dangerous. I was able to give her some quick tips and major schedule adjustments to try and I gave her some options to go forward with making changes on her own or if she wanted to take advantage of my services. It’s so great when mom’s can offer advice and support to each other. The best kind of advice is non-judgmental and telling about your own experiences and what you did without expecting it to be the same for everyone. Every child is different. One friend in the group did graduated extinction and it worked fast for her. That doesn’t work for everyone. There are a lot of factors that go into improving sleep and it’s not just about the method. One of my favorite parts about these casual sleep conversations is that I get to hold someone’s baby!