Get Quiet Nights

Tracy Spackman | Infant & Toddler Sleep Coach

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  1. We could not stop swaddling my son cold turkey. Instead we turned for help from SleepingBaby. Their Zipadee-Zip helped my son transition well out of his swaddle. Without he would simply startle himself and be unable to go to sleep quickly. I recommend it to all my mommy friends 🙂

  2. Look at your little guy! I have been using the Zipadee-Zip on my son now for 3 months. Not a day goes by that he does not use it. Its amazing at how simple and effective the swaddle is! I gift Zipadee-Zip to all my first time momma friends! I tell them to use this swaddle transition sack the moment they see thier little ones breaking out of the swaddle. They always thank me later for this tip!

  3. Hi guys, I am a new parent and I am trying to get my three month son to sleep longer during night. Right now I am lucky to have four hours rest a night. Regards