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Tracy Spackman | Infant & Toddler Sleep Coach

I am a Sleep Coach.
About Me.
My Name is Tracy Spackman.  I am passionate about all things family and I love this sleep topic.  It’s fun to have this in common with my sister-in-law Andrea Strang from Ontario, Canada.  She is my inspiration. I witnessed the magic of sleep coaching with my good friend and it’s been great to offer her extra support in the program.  I have a background in management with design on the side.  I have been family focused for the past 14 years and have wanted to write a book about what I’ve learned along the way.  I think I’ll start with a blog. I have a terrific husband and 5 fabulous children ranging in ages from 4-13.  I’m a Canadian living in Phoenix, Arizona and I love the sun.  I am a trained and certified Gentle Sleep Coach.  I was trained by Kim West the Sleep Lady.  I have had every success in sleep coaching.

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  1. Erich, our 18 month old, was still not sleeping through the night. He was getting up anywhere from one to four times a night. From night to night, we were never sure what we would get. We had struggled with Erich’s sleep from the time he was an infant. While we had read every book available to us nothing seemed to work. Words cannot describe the helpless feeling we had. We had finally reached our breaking point and were desperate when we called Tracy.
    Tracy was amazing! During our first consult, she took the time to get to know Erich and his sleep issues. She was able to break things down into very easy and understandable steps that were simple to follow. Tracy tailored a solution that would work for Erich which was great. It was not a one size fits all.
    After 18 months of not sleeping, we were prepared to do anything it took but we did not want to use a cry it out approach. Within a couple of days, we saw an immediate change in his sleeping pattern Within a week, he went from waking up many times a night to sleeping through the night. He was becoming a dream sleeper – no fighting at bedtime, no crying, no wake ups. It’s been 4 weeks and Erich now goes to sleep on his own at 6:30pm and wakes in the morning. We both wish we had found Tracy sooner!
    Tracy has been a huge support throughout the entire time. She provided us all the support we could have asked for to ensure we stayed on track with Erich. She is very knowledgeable, supportive, encouraging. Without her, we would still be sleep deprived, anxious and utterly exhausted. Erich is happier and rested, which is all we could ever have asked for. We will never be able to thank Tracy enough for her help.
    Daniela & Alex