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This was the string on my sleep sisters Facebook page today…
Jen Snell Farrell feeling curious
Has anyone on this site really has success with sleep training!?!? By using Tracy or books? Just curious because I don’t see a lot of success stories. Maybe that is because the sisters with the success no longer check in with this group??
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  • Dylan Ashley Vallino yes I see a lot of success
  • Dylan Ashley Vallino I have worked with tracy
  • Dylan Ashley Vallino she changed everything for us!
  • Linda Van Den Berg Didn’t work with her as I live in Holland, but have taken tips from here that have made all the difference!
  • Sarah Brandt Flores I worked with her and had great success. The second time around I did it on my own and was able to apply some of the things that she’d taught me, and it worked out well again
  • Dylan Ashley Vallino Jen you can give Tracy Spackman a call and she will do a free consultation with you. It was great for me to start with that because it gave me an idea of her knowlege and what i would get, but she also gave me pointers that I could incorperate into our life right then. You can find more information about her at

    I am Tracy Spackman. The Gentle Sleep Consultant…
  • Jen Snell Farrell Linda Van Den Berg I bet she could still work with you
  • Dylan Ashley Vallino She can. I’m out of state and talk to her via email and phone and that has worked for us!
  • Lauren Johnson Eastburn Yes! Worked with Tracy Spackman over the phone and followed her plan to get my 8 month old sleeping in his crib (not his rock ‘n play!) for the first time since he was 4.5 months old. He also now makes it from 7:00 PM – 6:30 AM w/ only 2 dream feeds instead of having to nurse him almost hourly to get him back to sleep after a wake up…life changing – and not nearly as bad as I thought it would be!!! It admittedly felt a little intimidating at first, but once we started, it was empowering to have a plan and encouraging to watch him improve SO quickly!
  • Linda Van Den Berg Probably could! But I’m blessed with a good sleeper, so it isn’t required thankfully. I did always have to feed him (bf) once every night and now I’ve learned to disassociate nursing with sleeping, he now goes 7-730am, feed, straight back till 9 or 10am. And he naps twice a day 1.5-2 hours each nap. So no complaints in the sleep department here!
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  • Michelle Leland We were planning using Tracy and found a recommendation for a book on her website so borrowed it from the library and basically used it to success! We started sleep training a month ago from co-sleeping and nursing ondemand our 10 month old. If the book didn’t work we were ready to book Tracy. But last night out LO slept 11 straight in his crib, self soothed and two awesome naps self soothed today so I would say success! This was even with a trip to Australia and mommy going back to work full time. I do think that sleep is a constant battle though as they hit different milestones and teething, etc.
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  • Stephanie Rempel I used Tracy, I wanted to be able to contact someone if I had a question. She’s great! We went from cosleeping – he would only fall asleep if we were there with him, and if he wasn’t too hyper (which we now know is because we missed his sleep window) aSee More
  • Erin Rodriguez I had great success with my (now) 3 year old. He goes to sleep on his own now and sleeps all night without a problem!
  • Rebecca Kuhr Rosen Lauren Johnson Eastburn I’m glad it worked for you too!! . Tracy Spackman was a huge help for us also!!! My 22 month old is now taking great 3 hour naps and sleeping through the night (he was waking every 2 hours). The first few nights were rough but soooooo worth it!
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  • Paula Finch Yup! We had great success!! Sleeping through the night after 3 nights of coaching. That doesn’t mean we haven’t had our struggles, but once he gets better/we return from travel, he gets back into the routine very very quickly!!

    I think a lot of us that have done coaching are just hanging around now, chiming in when we can!
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  • Melissa F Mathis We used her and had GREAT SUCCESS! I highly recommend her.working with her changed our life
  • Paola Segnini Tracy was the only one who could help us. My daughter is very strongwilled and she’s now sleeping through the night.
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  • Natalie Dell I had tried so many things without success. Within a week of getting help from Tracy Spackman, our baby was sleeping through the night with dreamfeeds. She helped us so much!
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  • Kirsten Colley-Lussier Yup, I got help for both my kids, one at 9mths one at 26 mths. Both times the plan worked but it wasn’t easy.
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  • Danielle Harris Had great success and only wish I had reached out sooner. I used tips from this page and Tracy‘s website in addition to tips I read in The Baby Whisperer. I didn’t start until 15 months, got down to one wake up a night and I was ok with that because I was grateful for the extra sleep. I finally tackled the last wake up at 20 months and my son has been STTN for 2 months even with a slight hiccup with our holiday travel.
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  • Melissa DiGianfilippo We used Tracy recently and have seen major changes with our 2 year old daughters sleep routine
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  • Michelle Leland Erica Rondina Somerville it’s was the Sleep Lady one by Kim West. We tried No cry sleep solution without much help, and Dr Weiss blyth Healthy Sleep Habits, happy child. But the Kim West one was great as we didn’t want to do cry it out.
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  • Jen Snell Farrell Alright alright!!! Hahahha thanks everyone! I will be callingTracy Spackman
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  • Tracy Spackman I’m going to take that book off my site. LOL Just kidding!
  • Tracy Spackman All of you need to post your comment on my testimonials on my website and on Yelp if you are a yelp user! Thanks for all your great comments.
    • Alexia Ber We had great success with Tracy. My LO went from bed sharing most of the night and waking up 4-6 times a night to sleeping in the crib and waking up once.
    • Amy McGrath We were also successful with Tracy ! We have a 3 1/2yr old who is the only kiddo in his preschool class who still naps religiously and has had impeccable sleep habits since we trained with her. We followed his routine to the T and it worked wonders. We came to her desperate for some help and needed more guidance than the books can provide. Now, with all I learned I am fairly confident I can handle what’s coming when my new bundle gets here in March. But I love that this group is here for support and tips from mamas and Tracy! Already posted on yelp and website.