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Tracy Spackman | Infant & Toddler Sleep Coach

Gentle Sleep Coaching
can help you if:

  • Your baby has difficulty falling asleep  
  • Your baby wakes frequently through the night
  • You are “co-sleeping” but neither of you is sleeping
  • Your baby has difficulty napping
  • You are ready for sleep training and want gentle options
  • You are both sleep-deprived and it’s driving you crazy!
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Free 15-Minute Assessment

Ask questions, get answers. Tell me what’s going on and we’ll discuss the best ways to help you!

Understand the Gentle Sleep Coaching method and determine if this style of sleep training is the right path for you in a free one-on-one 15-minute assessment.

About Tracy

Learn about Tracy Spackman's extensive background in gentle sleep coaching and why she can help your child.

Sleep Success

Read about other moms just like you who are finally sleeping through the night with gentle sleep training.


"Quick Tips"
15-Minute Consult


Need quick guidance on a personal issue?

My 15-minute phone consultation offers you a focused, one-on-one Q&A session. Get professional advice tailored to your situation, helping you gain clarity and direction.

Book your session now for personalized support in just a few minutes.

Baby Sleep Toolkit
Video Series


Ideal for parents of babies aged 4-20 months who prefer exclusive resources over events or consultations.

Empower yourself with expert guidance and support from the comfort of your home.



This package is perfect for parents who have attended our group workshop or explored various sleep resources and now seek personalized direction.

Gain clarity and actionable advice to help your child sleep better. Book your session today for customized support.

Basic “Get Started” Sleep Package


This package is a more affordable option for the mother who has educated herself on sleep and simply needs to bring the information together into a succinct sleep training plan. Follow-up calls are for troubleshooting. Extra support is available if needed.

Premium Sleep Package


This package is designed for the completely sleep-deprived mom who needs an entire sleep training plan with help and support while implementing it. The younger the baby, the more help the mom may need.

Unlimited Talk
And Text
3 Months Package


This package is all about you! I'll be in your pocket with unlimited calls and texts to support you through this sleep training process. You'll also get access to exclusive online parenting and sleep resources for 3 whole months!

My Training

Success Stories

Colin is like a new person! Since using Tracy Spackman we have had nothing but success! He wakes up happy after sleeping through the night and goes to sleep within minutes of putting him down. We are so thankful for your help.


We have been sleep training our almost 8 month old son now since Monday, & we had an “off night” on Wednesday ( my fault) & he slept 12 hours straight last night!!!

He used to wake up every hour EVERY night!!

Thanks to Tracy Spackman, our LO is sleeping SO much better! even napping better … If you are having trouble with your LO sleeping at night, I recommend sleep training with Tracy 110%! THANK YOU!


Tracy Spackman has done an amazing job helping me to get all 6 of my kids sleeping. Tracy living in Arizona and me in Calgary did not cause any issues with her helping me to train my kids to sleep.


I just wanted to let you know that I’m standing outside her room in disbelief! She fell asleep in 10 min tonight without any big fuss. I’m in tears  Also for the second nap she fell back asleep for a full HOUR after the usual 30 minutes. It took 45 min to fall back asleep but she did it.
I’m so happy… Tears of joy in every sense of the word. We are thrilled and realize this just happened once but will be better in time.

Thank you thank you!!!

19-24 MONTHS:

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