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Moving to a new house this summer? Worried your child will be scared of their new room?

  Any change in a child’s sleep environment can effect sleep.  It’s so important to keep things consistent, especially if they are just learning to master sleep skills.  For example, if you use white noise (which I love), turn it on when your child starts falling asleep.  Then continue to play it all night.  If …Continue reading

I’m the first to admit that it’s “OK” to ask for help. With sleep training, potty training, even personal training.

This week I asked my 13 year old son to be my personal trainer. (I need some serious help) I told him I would give him $10 if he could get me to work out 15 min a day 5 days each week. Each consecutive week,  I would increase it by $1.  It was hard …Continue reading

Tenacious, spirited, alert babies grow up to be smart, driven, go-getters.

Tenacious, spirited, alert babies grow up to be smart, driven, go-getters. Meet my son Christian. Frequent night waking until sleep trained around 13 months old. (I waited so long and was at the end of my rope). I wish I had known then what I know now as a gentle sleep coach. I needed a …Continue reading

Does teaching babies to sleep in the dark spoil their chances of being able to fall/stay asleep in dim or lit environments later in life?

No. That is a common misconception. If your baby is able to sleep in loud, bright places- fantastic, you have an easier baby than some others. It’s fine. If you struggle to get your baby to sleep, that is a different story. A baby sleeps easier in a completely dark room. Just like adults. Especially …Continue reading

What’s with the 4 month sleep disaster?

Great Question:  Tracy Spackman, my DD was a decent sleeper up until about the 4 ish month stage. Now at 5 months, she has a harder time falling asleep now, and only naps for very short periods during the day, why?   Yes, around the 4 the month, there is tons of brain development. Like …Continue reading

What is a sleep coach?

What is a sleep coach? A sleep coach is a parenting counselor who specializes in sleep. Like Kim West. I trained with Kim West. Or rather, I am trained by Kim West. Now, I teach parents gentle methods to help with their baby sleep goals. It’s different than a sleep trainer who goes into homes …Continue reading

I love getting emails like this! Another success story-17 months old

I love getting emails like this! Hi Tracy! How are you? Long time, no talk which in your line of business isn’t a bad thing 😉 I never began my 2 weeks of follow up calls with you because Hailey responded very well to some of the changes we made during the day. Per your …Continue reading

Blanket Races Help Children Sleep Through The Night

I get great Questions on my Facebook page and here is the last one. Great Question:  Tracy, when can babies sleep without the sleep sack? When is it safe to switch to a blanket? It’s starting to resemble spring here and hopefully allow for open windows soon. My Answer:  Usually around the time they switch to a toddler …Continue reading

Video of Tracy Talking about Gentle Sleep Coaching

Tracy Talks About Gentle Sleep Coaching In this video I am talking about being a gentle sleep coach. See what I am all about. Tracy Spackman – Gentle Sleep Coach – Call me for Free 15 minutes.

A consistent gentle plan usually works but what if it doesn’t…

Most people who attempt to improve sleep through sleep coaching just need a solid method and a lot of consistency.  If sleep coaching has been a real challenge and you just can’t get there 100%, there may be an underlying problem to investigate. Sometimes as a sleep coach I feel like a detective. Some medical issues that mess up sleep …Continue reading

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