Need Sleep?

Many families call me because their child wakes up repeatedly every night.

Does this happen to you?

Do you rock or bounce them only to finally bring them to bed with you or give them a bottle when you would like to wean them from night feeding?

Does your baby wake before 6am?

Does it take more than 30 minutes for your baby to fall asleep?

Are you going crazy from sleep deprivation because you haven’t had a good night sleep in 5,9,12 or 18 months?

Babies over 6 months old, toddlers and preschoolers should be getting about 11 hours of sleep.  There are important steps you can take to help your child get the right amount of sleep and the right kind of sleep.

Falling asleep and sleeping through the night is a learned skill.  Children who don’t learn this skill often have trouble sleeping throughout their life.  This is an important skill for parents to teach their children.  A healthy baby with their doctor’s approval can learn to sleep through the night as early as 5 months old.    Sleeping 11 hours straight.

A well rested baby is a happier and healthier baby.

I am a sleep coach.  At Quiet Nights we strive to help families get better sleep.  We develop personal sleep plans with you using gentle methods customized to your child’s needs.  We support  the child and parents throughout the process of learning healthy sleep habits.

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I am a Sleep Coach

I am a Sleep Coach.

About Me.

My Name is Tracy Spackman.  I am passionate about all things family and I love this sleep topic.  It’s fun to have this in common with my sister-in-law Andrea Strang from Ontario, Canada.  She is my inspiration. I witnessed the magic of sleep coaching with my good friend and it’s been great to offer her extra support in the program.  I have a background in management with design on the side.  I have been family focused for the past 14 years and have wanted to write a book about what I’ve learned along the way.  I think I’ll start with a blog. I have a terrific husband and 5 fabulous children ranging in ages from 4-13.  I’m a Canadian living in Phoenix, Arizona and I love the sun.  I am a trained and certified Gentle Sleep Coach.  I was trained by Kim West the Sleep Lady.  I have had every success in sleep coaching.

Why I became a sleep coach.

I had a friend who was miserably sleep deprived because her young 1 year old child was miserably sleep deprived. Neither of them was getting enough sleep. Through sleep coaching, her world changed. She learned what pieces to the sleep puzzle her 1 year old had been missing and once put in place, both their worlds changed. Once the baby was sleeping, so was my friend. They both became happy and adjusted. I was amazed at the power of a good night’s sleep. This was the perfect career for me. I am passionate about all things family and sleep is a big part of the family puzzle.