Introductory Sleep Secrets ~ Virtual Class

May 23, 2019  6:30pm PDT

If you can’t sleep because your baby or toddler doesn’t sleep, this course will uncover the top reasons and offer practical advice on what you can do immediately.

Tracy helps mothers with children of all ages, worldwide, sift through the infinite amount of sleep advice out there and identify the formula that works best for them and their children.  Using non-invasive, non-cry-it-out, evidence-based methodology and training, she offers a blend of gentle sleep coaching techniques that support infant mental development and has a proven 97% success rate. Read the success stories per age group on her website.


  1. Create proper sleep routines and identify your child’s sleep cues.
  2. Learn appropriate night feeding expectations for every age.
  3. Understand the effects of cortisol on your child’s brain from missing natural sleep windows and help your child avoid getting overtired (and subsequently waking early!)
  4. Discover how to maximize your child’s naps and finding the perfect bedtime.
  5. Identify sleep crutches in your current sleep routines and know when it’s time to ditch them.

Before you consider a sleep training method or coach, take this course to learn how you can resolve your issues independently or at the very least, set a strong foundation for the right plan.

Click here to learn more about Tracy and her background.

Recorded: May 23, 2019

Duration: 75 minutes

COST: $35

Format: Streaming Video via Child Sleep Institute

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