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Tracy Spackman Sleep Consultant


Is your toddler climbing out of the crib?

Is your toddler climbing out of the crib?  Are they losing sleep and up all nap/night with you bringing him/her back to bed? Are you thinking of transitioning to a bed instead?     Hold that thought!   The important question is, Is he/she still under 2.5 years old?  There is a level of cognitive …Continue reading

To bathe or not to bathe at bedtime, that is the question.

Do you give your little one a bath at bedtime? Or books? Songs and kisses? There was a small study done that showed that the children who got a bath 30 minutes before bed had an easier time going to bed.   But why?   Was it the consistancy of the regular routine? Did it …Continue reading

When should my baby be sleeping through the night?

There seems to be a lot of pressure on moms to have a quiet, sleeping through the night baby at a very young age. But in fact this is just not normal. It’s not about weight, or even weeks, it’s about developmental readiness and temperment.   In and around the 4th month of age there …Continue reading

How do you improve naps in 4-5 month old babies? (If I don’t hold him, he won’t sleep.)

How do you improve naps in 4-5 month old babies?  (If I don’t hold him, he won’t sleep.)   Getting enough day sleep any way possible  is the building block for night time sleep and sleep skills. Night time sleep skills is the building block for daytime sleep skills. Especially in alert babies. Maximize day …Continue reading

Epsom Salts! Can it fix…Acting out, Biting, acting violent…

Talking with a wise friend today, she shared a great parenting tip. Epsom salts. If you have a child that is acting out, biting, acting violent and you don’t know where these behaviors could possibly be coming from, perhaps they are low in magnesium which increases anxiety and causes discomfort in their bodies. She was …Continue reading

My baby likes me better when…

My baby likes me better when… 1. I come to him as soon as he calls for me in the morning 2. I pay attention to his sleep cues and put him to sleep before he’s overtired. 3. I nurse and cuddle him before his nap since he doesn’t have day time sleep skills yet. …Continue reading

Are you keeping a log?

Have you ever heard the expression, “Return and Report”.   It means to get the job done and then report the progress or completion to your superiors or others who need to know.  This helps us keep track of progress.  We do it for work, health and goals.  It’s very important in sleep coaching. After …Continue reading

Moving to a new house this summer? Worried your child will be scared of their new room?

  Any change in a child’s sleep environment can effect sleep.  It’s so important to keep things consistent, especially if they are just learning to master sleep skills.  For example, if you use white noise (which I love), turn it on when your child starts falling asleep.  Then continue to play it all night.  If …Continue reading

I’m the first to admit that it’s “OK” to ask for help. With sleep training, potty training, even personal training.

This week I asked my 13 year old son to be my personal trainer. (I need some serious help) I told him I would give him $10 if he could get me to work out 15 min a day 5 days each week. Each consecutive week,  I would increase it by $1.  It was hard …Continue reading

Tenacious, spirited, alert babies grow up to be smart, driven, go-getters.

Tenacious, spirited, alert babies grow up to be smart, driven, go-getters. Meet my son Christian. Frequent night waking until sleep trained around 13 months old. (I waited so long and was at the end of my rope). I wish I had known then what I know now as a gentle sleep coach. I needed a …Continue reading

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