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Tracy Spackman Sleep Consultant


Sleeping baby face down question

I get this question a lot about baby sleeping face down and is it ok, what do you do, how can we keep the baby safe? Here is my blog post about it on blogger. http://getquietnights.blogspot.com/2018/04/baby-sleeps-face-down-now-what.html

Sleep regressions, What are they?

Sleep regressions. I see questions about them all the time.  What are they? A sleep regression is usually when there is a developmental milestone. When do they happen? The 4 month sleep regression can be a big one. It happens first and can come in hard. The brain changes and sleep is becoming a learned …Continue reading

I made the cut! I’m in the Top Sleep Consultants in the US.

Tuck (www.tuck.com) recently published a list of the top sleep consultants in the United States and told me made the cut! They looked at certifications held, overall customer sentiment and more.  At first when I ready their email, I thought another company wanted to sell me SEO services. (I get that a lot but don’t need it.) But …Continue reading

Nominate a Sleep Deprived Crazy Momma of Arizona

1. Click the above link to Nominate a Sleep Deprived Crazy Momma of Arizona who is sleep deprived but can’t afford to get personalize help. Tell us a little about what is going on to make her so sleep deprived (must be baby related). And tell me why she is a great mom! I don’t …Continue reading

Will extra attention when my baby is teething, set us back?

I often get asked about how to help soothe the baby during times of teething or illness.  It’s important to note that the world is full of various levels of stimulus and a baby’s ability to cope and regulate depends on their level of maturity and readiness to self-soothe.  This ability is “compromised” in times …Continue reading

How do you know who to ask for help?

Do you get advice from everyone?  A common question is, “How is your baby sleeping?” but that is the WRONG question.  The right question is, “How are YOU sleeping?” Babies don’t have to sleep well to be healthy and normal.  But a mom who isn’t sleeping enough isn’t healthy or feels normal. Many mom’s can …Continue reading

Shannon Scoggin feeling thankful.-10 month son in Phoenix, Arizona -August 2016

As I watch Kyler sleep on the monitor I reflect on what we have gone through. A year ago we decided we needed help with Kyler and his sleep. Sleep deprivation is SO a real thing! Kyler was almost 10 months old and not once in those 10 months was I able to get more …Continue reading

What is your philosophy for sleep coaching?

I love it when mom’s ask me about my methods and philosophy.  My last email answer was so long, I turned it into a blog post for my google blog. You can read it here. http://getquietnights.blogspot.com/2016/03/what-is-your-philosophy-for-sleep.html

5 Things That Keep Babies from Sleeping Article

I was googling myself today in an “incognito” browser so I could see where I was ranking for the common keep words.  I used “Sleep Coach Mesa” (since that’s what my current sleepless family used) to see where I ranked and what they saw.  I was happy to see I was in the top TWO spots …Continue reading

I’m needing to prove to my husband that Tracy Spackman is worth every penny!!!

January 10, 2016 at 3:19pm Taken from the Facebook Group Sleep Sisters Get Quiet Nights Nancy: Ladies, I need you! I’m needing to prove to my husband that Tracy Spackman is worth every penny!!! If you have used her sleep coaching methods will you, please tell me your thoughts! He’s like at the price and I’m like every two hours, …Continue reading

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